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Can you use superglue safely on dental caps?

Yes and it works well.

I dont know how safe it is but I know plenty of people who have done it, and are still alive!

I wouldn't recommend it. Phone your dentist and ask what the cost is for a re-cement. In the office I work in it's not that expensive, and you can be sure it's done with the proper materials. It's up to you, good luck.

Liquid Solid
actually it's not safe. perhaps short term its ok but in long term condition, you'll find it bad for your health.

If the tooth is dead and has had a root canal, yes a little bit until you can get into the dentist wont hurt. but not for long term. If it has not had a root canal, then no, it can kill the tooth and cause pain and then a root canal will need to be done.

Andy K
yes but let the fumes dye off first and happy chomping..

No! No! and NOOO!!!! Superglue is toxic. Go see a dentist!

Karen N
My dentist told me if a cap ever fell out to use a dental adhesive such as poligrip or fixadent, and then go to the dentist. Super Glue may damage the cap so that it can't be reapplied, which would mean them having to create a new one. I think it would be cheaper to pay the dental visit for them to recement the cap (less than 100), than them having to create a new one (between 400 to 1000). Just my guess though.

Star dust
do you have a steady hand?

go to the dental stuff at a store there should be something there for you to use till you go to the dentist.

I would'nt use superglue in your mouth!!!!

NO! Don't use superglue in the mouth, not only is it not good for you, it can cause damage to the crown it won't be able to be put back on by a dentist without having a new one made. If you need to put the crown back on temporarily until you can get to a dentist try using fixodent or some denture adhesive, just remember to take it out a night so you don't swallow it in your sleep. Please just see dentist it will save you in the long run.

Really, it's far best to go and see a dentist but I believe that dentists sometimes use superglue, so theoretically, yes. I think a two part epoxy would probably be stronger, though.

DON'T, however, try doing it yourself! At least have someone with a steady hand do it for you! Superglue sets FAST in the presence of moisture, so one misplaced drop of superglue and you will be in A&E for a glued cheek or jaw! Ouch!

Protect the rest of your mouth with tissue. Check the loose cap for a good fit, using tweezers, if possible. Dry the tooth and the cap with tissue. Open the superglue and apply a very small drop to the cap. Quickly and surely press it into good contact with the tooth and hold it for 10 seconds with a piece of tissue. Wipe any excess glue off with the tissue and remove tissue and rinse the mouth.


It says you can use Krazy glue to help before a visit to your dentist...

But it also states this in an ad...
Resist the temptation of superglue, and go for a dental repair kit instead. OK, it might mean an embarrassing encounter with a pharmacist, as well as having to face dentistry-related paraphernalia... but it really is a much safer choice. Boots stock the Dentanurse kit...
So, who is right? Take your chances, and really think about what to do...

Suzanne L
No, is the answer, superglue is toxic if ingested and I don't care how careful you think you are, you will ingest some. Just go to the Dentist and have it stuck on properly. If you can't be arsed with that, pop down to the chemist and they normally stock a temporary cement - that should keep you going for a while.

My father in law always used it for that

Be careful. Contact your dentist he will probably not charge very much to fix them. Good luck

theresa d
NO, go to the chemist and get a temp cement, super glue can damage the material of the crown and its bad for you,
be sensible here, either see dentist or temp cement it in ureslef, but seeing dentist is the safest idea, as if u cement it in wrongly you could swallow it in the night which could be dangerous

Foxy Jay
NO!!!! apart from causing untold damage to your gums, the superglue 'melts' the interior of the crown (cap) and would then make it unable to be used ever again. If the cost of getting it re-fitted by a dentist is too high, go to Boots Chemist, they sell products for sticking them back in, they are primarily for emergencies only, ie on holiday and can't get to a dentist, but they do work and are a lot safer

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