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 Soft Medium Or Hard Toothbrush?
Which one is better I have gone to soft much easier on the old gums.
What do You use?...

 Does anyone remember how badly it hurt after they got their wisdom teeth out?
I am getting all 4 out tomorrow morning. The top 2 are fully grown and the bottom 2 are half way out. Does it hurt at the actual site, the wound? Or does it hurt your jaw? Is it more like a stinging, ...

 Recently moved location, cant register with a dentist and have toothache?
A few months ago I moved from the South to the Midlands. As many people know it is almost imposible to register with a NHS dentist and for all my efforts I have been unsuccesful in doing so. Never ...

 Why does my breath smell?
i clean my teeth well twice a day,have no decay etc.i eat a healthy diet,but still by 3 oclock i feel like i have bad breath and have to hide it under mints and sprays.any ideas why and how to remedy ...

 How long is too long to leave it to get a root canal?
I know I need one done cos a dentist said so in Jan. Now I have moved and the soonest appointment i can get for one is july - that's private, NHS was even longer!...

 Apx .how much can I expect to get for a gold tooth crown at a pawn shop?
My dentist said to go get money for it...is it worth doing that?...

 Are cookies bad 4 your teeth???

 Tooth implants?
I have been quoted £2000. to have 1 tooth implant is this a reasnoble price or would it be cheaper to go ...

 Do you floss your teeth BEFORE or AFTER you brush them?
Just a poll......

 PLEASE answer!?
My toe is COLD! is there any way i can warm them up?...

 Please...i'm in pain....how can i stop the pain of a toothache, without a dentist or doctor...please?
it really really hurts, but i can't go to a dentist...not yet, i'm so scared. My filling has chipped open in my molar, and there is a gaping hole. i can't eat anything....and i'm ...

 I have a bad breath, What could be the main reason & What can I do to avoid it ?
I hope specialists or doctors answer my question wisely....

 Is there a chewing gum that contains no sugar and no artificial sweetners?

 What makes eating before going under anesthesia dangerous?
I'm about to have my wisdom teeth removed. As I was signing forms I noticed in big bold letters: DO NOT EAT OR DRINK ANYTHING 8 HOURS BEFORE SURGERY may cause death. I was curious if anyone ...

 How Much Does it Hurt to Have a Tooth Removed Without Anesthesia?
Like the title says, how much does it hurt to have a tooth pulled without anesthesia? I may need to get my wisdom teeth removed soon, and if I do, I am considering going without painkillers.


 I just moved to a new area and need to find a new dentist. I don't know anyone to ask, so how can I find a..
GOOD one that won't mess up my teeth and cause me to get extra work done? (I want to do some cosmetic work.)...

 Braces please answer????
how much do you have to pay to get the braces
and which color should i get them?
Additional Details
were do you guys get the braces at?...

 I need to swallow antibiotics but I can't because the water affects my tooth?
Ok My tooth at the back is sensitive and might need root canal if these antibiotics don't work,

i've tried 2 already and I can't swallow it
I tried putting the tablet ...

 I got braces and i want my tongue pierced.?
My question is should i get my tongue pierced since i have braces but i always wanted my tongue pierced for some strange reason lolsz but should i get it done or should i wait?
Additional D...

 Is it safe to use an electronic toothbrush with braces?
I just got my braces on today(Wahoo), and I am really paranoid about knocking the brackets loose. The random little kit they gave me has a manual toothbrush in it. Should I be using that instead?

Can you try to describe the pain after just getting braces ?
i know during the process of getting them don't realy hurts but afterward..................................

M.D. =)
i got braces like a month half ago, and if you take advil or whatever it doesnt start hurting till later, but if you keep taking it every once in a while it shouldnt hurt that bad

My friend just got braces in, and she said that it really hurt, her mouth felt sore, and that she couldn't eat. but after she took Advil, she felt wayyy better and she was fine.

Big A
The first few days were torture. lol
I got braces aand the Herbst appliance (google image it- it's two arms attached on the back sides of your teeth along with a thing on the roof of your mouth and another thingy behind the bottom teeth... you gotta learn how to swallow all over again) about a year ago, and there's one more fuuuunnn year with braces left to go

During the first few days, you might see drool on your pillow in the morning. You'll sound like a buffoon when you talk. And eating anyything (a grape, or even just a slice of bread) KILLLs because your teeth are so sensitive. So you enjoy rice, ice cream, and soft foods :P I tried Advil, don't know if it worked though? Luckily, after the third day the feeling of intense pressure (and anger) is relieved

After the following one or two weeks, you have adapted to your new braces and can once again eat what you want. It's no fun eating chewy stuff however because it just gets stuck in there

You sound nervous, but don't be. You'll have a picture-perfect smile in no time (1-2 years to be exact) :D

edward cullen_sexier than you! ♥
if i merely touched my tooth with my tongue, it was sore. its basically just really sore! extremely,extremely sore.... just got mine on monday, pain stopped today (friday)

i've had braces for over 2 years now. getting it on feels weird and so does it afterward.
there isnt really much pain but alot of pressure.
if there is pain its jsut when u like slam ur teeth together.
the thing what i hated when i first got them was that i had to swallow my saliva all the time and that it felt weird cas all the extra width added by the braces
but other than that its fine =]

Bite down on your back teeth for a little then when it starts to hurt a little, that's kinda what it feels like.
But basically it's just really sore.

It's sore for 3, 4 days. It almost feels like your teeth are loose(don't worry about that though.) But they just feel tight and it's kinda hard to eat, but you'll get used to them in no time and you won't even notice the after a while!

Kimberly B
It's just sore. The pain goes away after a couple of days! Every time you go in to get them tightened, it will be the same thing. Sore, but then okay after a bit. :)

It depends what type of braces you're having, I had four different types, obviously some caused a bit more pain than others. From my experience if they're simply moving your teeth because they're a little bit crooked I wouldn't be worried at all. Afterwards you normally have a bit of an ache and putting pressure on an individual tooth hurts, take painkillers if you want but this will go after a day or two. Then you won't even notice you're wearing them.
Good luck with the braces.

Eating is like having very sensitive teeth and then biting into an ice cream bar and doing it again and again. For a while, you have an insane desire to yank them out. Then the pain goes away, and you don't even think out them.

it feels like some one is puching u in da jaw{ i got mine a year ago}

it feels like your whole mouth is really sore

Ayanna C
it truly feels like someone is yanking on your teeth, especially when you try to eat something solid

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