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Can you get mouthwash for under 6 yrs old?
I have been to the supermarket today and all the mouthwashes (including a special children's one) said they were unsuitable for under 6's.

My son (aged 4) often has offensive breath-he cleans his teeth and his tongue (I brush them as well to ensure he hasn't missed anywhere) twice a day. The smell reminds me of catarrh.

Just wondered if anyone knows any mouth wash suitable for him to help him keep his breath a bit fresher-are they marked not suitable for under 6's because of the risk of swallowing or is there another reason?

Shoulld I take him to the GP (he is fit and well other than this)

yes they have fun mouthwash that makes your childs mouthblue and it shows up all the places they need to brush more, my kids love it and its not hot on there mouth

No. You need to take your son to the doctor. I believe that he isn't (sorry) pooping right or enough. That is what can cause such terrible breath---it comes from your intestines. When you don't get cleaned out enough (he should be pooping EVERY day---and not little balls) it can not only make your breath stink, but you can get the worst body odor, too.

No mouthwash (even if there was one--there isn't) would help anyway.

Please start feeding your child much more fiber. Lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains. Get rid of the white bread and get REAL whole grain bread. Not this stuff they try to pass off as "whole wheat" bread...it's just white bread with caramel coloring added. Check the grams of fiber. Each slice should have at least 5 grams of fiber.

Doing this will start getting him cleaned out. And I would still take him to the doctor. And I would bet money that your pediatrician will tell you the same thing. MORE fiber.

Lisa T
there is a pink mouth wash that doesn't contains alchol, Tesco's sell it, my kids have it all the time.

ok it will not hurt him . alot of doctors and stores say stuff like that but guess what lots of women including myself did it and the kids are fine.

suzie q
Yes you can get mouth washes for children as long as theydonot contain Achol it would do the or if unsure consult your dentist.

aquafresh do a kids mouthwash in blue bottles for boys and pink for girls, but not sure on the age for it. if u cant see it in supermarkets or boots ask your local pharmacy if they can order it as the one i used to work in were able to do this. presumably his teeth are ok and there is no decay as this is one reason or an infection in his throat. if the aquafresh one is not ok for his age then ask dentist next time u go to recommend one, also if he feels it necessary he can prescribe one for u, as this is what they did for my daughter.

Tx Guy
mouthwash contains alcohol it is not recommended for children uner 6 years of age. check with his doctor may not be anything serious more often it is not ..or it may be halitosis.

I'd take him to the GP.

Bring him to dentist r doc.Thats not right.

I would take him to the GP.
hes a bit young to start doing mouthwash and stuff, he obviously has a medical problem that wont be cured with mouthwash

***____ //_ \\_____***
it is not hes mouth , take him to the doctor

No, don't use mouthwash on a child. If he still has bad breath, there may be a medical reason, take him to his doctor and discuss this.

ponyboy 81
If you chose to give a young child moutwash, make sure it is both alcohol and fluoride free. Fluoride is great for developing teeth but not if ingested in high quantities.{A condition called 'fluorosis' may ensue which can make the teeth unsightly} If you are sure your child will spit out the entire amount used and cannot gain access to the bottle indiscriminantly, a fluoride rinse is OK.

Maybe he has bad sinuses or a milk intolerance or something. His gob shouldn't smell like that!

And no, I don't think there is as kids would just swallow it.

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