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Can you die from rotting teeth?

sundaizie ♥~♥
OH MY GOSH...So many health problems are caused from tooth decay. Because the infection is in your mouth...anything having to do with your head is a real concern. Infection can spread to your brain and cause all kind of things. At the very least..you are having problems with bleeding gums...? bad breath..?? and lots of worries?? Go tothe dentist. Fine out who to go to from friends and relatives..if you a embarrased to talk about this with anyone..call a couple of dentist offices and ask if the dentist is "really gentle" and KIND!! You are probably afraid to even open your mouth to a dentist. Find a dentist that sounds like you wouldlike him...make an apointment .. brush and floo you teeth the best you can between now and then...and go!!
When you get in the dentists chair tell him "I've got really crappy teath..and I'm really nervous about this.." Just telling him that will put him on your side really fast!!! You willbe so glad to have a plan in place to fix your teeth. The dentist has seen wayyyy worse teeth then yours..I can guarantee you that! Please just do this...Dental stuff doesns't even hurt..even alittle bit anymore..be brave and take care of your health! ♥ ♥ ♥ been there...done that!

rotting teeth effect your health by having trouble eating which leads to poor nutrition also have to be careful of infection which could also be harmful

Ariel Nicole :)
yes because it effects your nerves wich is a direct link to your brain....so yes it could kill you!

I don't think you can die but it can cause problems

If you get a tooth infection or abscess, this can get into your blood & cause a really bad infection that if not treated can lead to death.

Rotting teeth will cause bad health, thats for sure.

Ties that bind

Yes...an abcess can form,spreading infection throughout the body.

It was recently proven in dogs (and via humans) that rotting teeth can give you an infection in the blood. And though you rarely die from that immediately, the infection can weaken your organs, such as your heart. This make you more prone to heart attacks earlier in life.

s r
My mother wouldn't take care of her teeth-they were rotting. Doctors told her quite often that they could get infected and the infection could travel to her heart and kill her.

Yes, an infected tooth (especially on the top) can lead to an abcess that can eventually cause an infection that can spread north. The first thing that can happen is an infection in the eye that could actually lead to vision loss. After that it can spread to the brain and it can definitely be fatal. It is very treatable before it gets to this point so long as you can get the proper dental care and antibiotics. So although rotten teeth could eventually lead to something serioius, it is up to you to catch it early.

karen w
yes, an infection can form and go to your brain or your heart,

Maniac Mark
yes rotting teeth can cause liver enzymes to elevate! And eventually cause germitices which leads to certain death!

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