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 Does getting your teeth pulled out hurt?
On Tuesday I have to get my two..not my front teeth but the teo next to them pulled out on the top on both sides! I have gotton one pulled be4 but that was a while ago and i need to know if it hurts ...

 Wisdom teeth question?
how are the wisdom teeth suppose to grow? like are they gonna be the same size as the teeth in the back are? (i dont see any room for teeth that size back there) ........why is the 1 tooth on the ...

 How do get rid of a popcorn kernel that's stuck in throat, it's been there since Sunday?

 How do you get rid of bad breath? my boyfriend has horrible breath?

 How much does it cost to get a tooth removed?
i hate the dentist i am so scared but really need to have
1 filling
2 wisdom teeth taken out
how much do you think it costs?
i need the wisdom teeth out asap as they are pushing ...

 What should I eat?
I only have an hour and a half left to eat or drink!! Because I am having surgery at 3:00 (central time)...

 Help with tooth ache?
about 3 years ago I had a root canal done on one of my bottom back teeth. Just today I started to get a horrible tooth ache...from what seems to be that same tooth..how is that even possible as the ...

 I have very bad cavaties that are breaking off,exposing the nerve. Dentist isnt an option what can I do 4 pain
It hurts so much I can't sleep, work or function sometimes. Financially I have no options in seeking medical treatment. What can I do to ease the pain? I have been buying street drugs to numb ...

 Will i be able to eat cake and pie with braces?

 What do you do when your braces hurt?
Apart from take pain killers, I'm not allowed them lol :)
Additional Details
Ouch and...thanks ^_^...

 A home remedy for toothache until my dentist reopens?
its just started and he reopens on monday...... no drugs please and thanks in advance.......
Additional Details
thanks everyone for your answers looks like cloves or clove oil is the way ...

 Everytime i brush my teeth i saw a pink saliva?
1. how can i dissapear the pink saliva?...

 How painful is it to have wisdom teeth removede?

 The dentist said i neeed root canal i heard it hurts more then anything?

 I need help please read this?
i hav diz little teeth. n im scared 2 take it out its loose.but da problem is dat wen i c blood i faint. n i dnt kno wat 2 do.n i want it out cause i need braces. n i cant get braces if its still ...

 I brush my teeth but they are still not white..Why?
I brush my teeth twice a day..what should i do??...

 My tooth fell out in a Skittle. I accidently dropped the skittle and tooth in my belly button What should I do
Really. Seriously. My last tooth- an insisor.
Additional Details
Its stuck!...

 Does anybody know how to make teeth whiter without brushing them?
10 points first ...

 Tooth pulled-do i have to rinse with salt water after everytime I smoke to or just after meals?
its been 48 hours
Additional Details
hey now, the dentist always say dont smoke for at least 4 hours. its been 48 hours....

 I am getting a sharp toothache. I have no insurance though so I'm trying to wait as much as possible. Can some
Can someone please suggest some ideas on what to do? It is really hurting but I would like to try to wait until my insurance kicks in which will be a while yet. Please let me know. Thanks

Can wisdom teeth still be growing in at age 37?

Not likely. But they could become a problem at that age, or at any age, if not removed.

Yeah they can

Of course they can. They usually erupt in the ages of 18-25, but they also have a tendency to erupt at a later age. If you feel any pain while they are erupting get them extracted. Check in what position they are erupting too. The way they erupt sometimes affect your occlusion, they are hard to clean, you bite your cheek all the time etc. In conclusion my recommendation is to get them extracted, and they really have no purpose. Get them extracted with a maxillofacial surgeon.


Wisdom teeth are third molars that usually appear between the ages of 17 and 24 (although they may appear when older, younger, or may not appear at all).

wendy p
yes they can come through at any age

according to a dental office secretary, she says that they can come in at any age.

yes they can come in at any time. if there growing have the dentist watch them i had to have the 4 wisdom teeth removed 6 months after they said i had enough room for then to grow in and they dont have to take them out!

Not sure I am 33 and mine still haven't came in...............

Yeah my dad's came in a few years ago and he was in his late 40's!

Harvey H
Normally they come aroun 18-25, but they could still come later (although not as often for people).

Karen K
In a word, yes. For some folks, they break through periodically and then subside, over and over again. For some, they never really get going, some come in and become a problem, some come in and are fine. So, nearly all things are possible. If they don't bother you, don't worry about it. If they are through the gums, it is very important to keep them clean. I had to have a filling on a wisdom tooth once and it was not fun, as there is no room to work back there. Extraction is not a big deal, so don't be afraid of that option. But, basically, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Good luck.

yes, they will come in at any age

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