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 I got braces on my upper teeth today, and they hurt really bad.?
I already had braces on my front 4 upper teeth.
I am already taking ibproufin for cramps and mouth pain, it only helps the cramps.
It hurts in my jawbone, near my eyes around my cheekbones....

 What happens when you swallow gum?
I dont normally swallow gum, but I happened to swallow two pieces [basically] in a row.

First, I was chewing a piece and took a swig of water and swallowed it by accident.

Then I...

 Why does my mouth taste like metal?
I woke up this morning with a metallic taste in my mouth, it's lasted all day, and I can't get rid of it....

 My husband's jaw is stuck open right now. How can we get it to shut here at home...urgent please and thanks!

 My breath always smell bad in the morning, sometimes for hours after, even if I brush.?
It doesn't seem to smell after I eat though. I've never been tested for anything like diabeties either. What could I do to stop this? Please and thankyou....

 How To Deal With "Teething" Pains.....???
Are there any tips on dealing with teething in babies that can help much older "babies"? (Except the teether)

My last molars are FINALLY coming out and the pain is so distracting ...

 Wisdom teeth removal?
I have to have my wisdom teeth removed on Monday and I have a few questions about it. I wear contacts so would I have to wear my glasses, I mean would something maybe get in my eyes? Or could I wear ...

 When you have braces what foods are you not allowed to eat?

Additional Details
oh ya and how are you supposed to clean your teath with them on?...

 If you ignore toothache, does the pain eventually just go away?
Having a friendly argument with someone at work...we are both phobic about dental treatment. The difference is, I go regularly for check ups to avoid having decay, and if I am in pain I go ...

 After tooth extraction, can you so some excercise in the next 24 hours?

 Hi, can someone tell me the exact things dentists are doing at a regular appointment?
I've been to the dentist of course but a) I forget what they do b) I'm not always sure why they are doing what they're doing. I am j/w. Thx.
Additional Details
Guys, I ...

 I bit down hard on my tongue ring, how do I cure my now highly sensitive teeth?
While eating a few days ago, I chomped down VERY hardly on my tongue ring with my right molars. I've done this on accident several times, but never so hard and never with pain - just a suprise. ...

 Colgate or Crest?
of value, quality and other stuff, which brand do you prefer?...

 Will my teeth grow back after it was removed by my dentist?
my molar (2nd to the last one) was removed by my dentist, is there any chance that it will grow back ? by the way i'm 16years old turning 17 this year.

if not, are there any remedies ...

 ?infection in tooth?
I had a root canal done on a painful tooth on Monday morning after a filling failed. I was still having a lot of pain from the tooth yesterday, it felt like a pressure inside the tooth and I couldn�...

 British bad teeth?!!!!?
Why do so many americans say that us British have bd teeth?! It is SOO not true! Please I cannot see why you say this. We get NHS dental so we don't have to pay for health care whereas you do so ...

 Does a root canal hurt?

 I just got my wisdom teeth pulled........ how do i make it heal faster???
they had to cut open the gum to get the 4 teeth out and they put a stitch in it too....how do i make it heal faster so then i can eat harder stuff and not just soup???...

 Is it safe to use braces when you are 34? Is there any danger of losing the teeth? Is it worth the pain?

 Just got braces today and im in hell....i need HELP!!!!!!!?
ok so today morning i got my braces and now they hurt like hell specially my lower front teeth what can i do to reduce the pain since i have an exam tmorrow??? and how long will it last??
OH and ...

Can wisdom teeth removal break the jaw??
Can the extraction of wisdom teeth break the actual jaw bone?

eva diane
Some wisdom teeth are impacted and they have to break the jaw to remove the teeth.

It's unlikely unless you have a bad dentist. Most, if not all, jaws are pretty thick. I've had one removed and there was no problem with cracking my jaw. Tooth removal will bleed and you have to bite on gauze until it stops. And eat soft foods until it heals. Those are more likely problems.

Yes, it can. The chances of this are if you have an extemely difficult extraction. If this was to happen, it'd probably be cause by your doctors lack of care while putting pressure on the jaw (when I got mine removed, I remember the doctor warned me that there was going to be extreme pressure on my top left tooth). He pushed down very hard. One complication is also TMJ. This is (from what I remember) when the jaw is not aligned properly.

Possible. Can also hit the sinus cavity if upper. Could be bad.

Get a good dentist and you should be fine. Complications are fairly rare.

nope n no loss of wisdom too!

Jill B
See a dentist!

For a very good article on wisdom teeth, visit:



texas boy
i know what you want me to say but sorry yes it can and dont worry you wont feel it till you stop taking to much meds

Nope had my pulled 3 mts ago they are tuff to get out though.And you will here them cracking but break your jaw no.

I actually had a very bad experience. I did not have my jaw broke however when my last wisdom tooth came in it was infected. The oral surgion put me on antibiotics before he could pull it. This however didn't work and he pulled it anyway. The infection then moved to my throat. I was 18 weeks pregnant, couldn't open my mouth due to lock jaw from the infection. Ended up having 3 different surgeries on my throat. I am now left with a huge disgusting scar on my neck. Although i was told by the two docs that cared for me at this time that keeping your wisdom teeth is like playing russian roullette with your life. So if you have a dentist that says you have room for your wisdom teeth and there is no reason to pull them I would strongly suggest you get a second oppinion. However reather or not it could break your jaw, I have heard that like the others said, if you have a good dentist you should not have any problems getting them pulled. I would do some research on dentists though. Had I done that i wouldn't have had the problems I did.

A fractured jaw bone and loss of sensation through nerve damage are two of the biggest "possible" problems with having wisdom teeth removed. HOWEVER, these rarely ever happen, and it is better to take the chance to get the wisdom teeth out (in my opinion) than to suffer from the pressure they put on your jaw bones and other teeth---they can actually "bust" other teeth!---, headaches, cavities, etc.

no way thats gonna happen..

Uh-uh-uh Present
Yes, it can, but it doesn't happen very often.

good quetion i dont know

It's not suppose to

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