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Can wisdom teeth come out at the age of 38?
i have still haven't got mine. but for the past few days the gum at the back is very swollen and i can feel the tooth underneath the gum.

i avnt either but im only 17 lol he ah

SusanS, Incognito
Mine didn't start giving me trouble until I was about 36! I had them all pulled then because I was going into nursing school and would be allowed no time off for illness or anything!

neither do I...it might be some problem with ur gums ..see ur doctor....

They can come out at ANY age.

they can come out at anytime.

visit http://infible.com/dental.html

christine w
Yes wisdom teeth can take a while to come through. I am 39 and have 2 in the lower but not fully through there is still some gum flapping over. The 2 at the top still no sign but like you they are hard. We just need to be wait hopeful they will not be painful as some can be and have to be taken out. I am lucky so far.

yes your wisdom teeth can still come in untill you hit menapause

stive br
Yes, it could be. Why not?

I think beacause of you're age it wourldnt be safe, the older you are the longer it takes for your mouth to heal. but if they hurt you should go to a dentist.

Happens all the time...

I'm just starting to have trouble with mine and i'm 58 but us ausies don't give up easily.

Think you can get them at any age. I've had 3 removed, one recently. some people don't have any problems with them, other's, like me, are in absolute agony!

sure! mine hasnt...


Definitely, i had mine extracted in August this year, i am 38, don't worry if they come through and you need them out. It does not hurt.

michelle a
Wisdom teeth can come out at any time, my partner is 44 and his are about to come out. If you have problems for example they are compacted ,i.e. growing sideways and have no room to come through or grow in the right direction, you might find you have side effects every 3 months or so. My partner got jaw ache, headaches and sore gums every three months, his temperature even got higher and he felt run down. Best to have them whipped out and if they put you under anaethestic make sure when you wake up that you have a yoghurt within and hour or two of waking as it stops the nausea, I think it might have to do with swallowing blood when you are under, but you dont know anything about it I promise. I have two teeth and a piece of jaw bone removed and apart from forgetting the yoghurt as soon as I ate one I felt much better. The swelling makes you look a little like a hamster for about 3 days+ but take time off as the anaethestic takes longer to get over than the operation.

Good luck!

It probably is, you should go to your dentist.

yes, talk to dentist for more advice

Yup, it can even come later than 38

Emma B
Yes, they can, and if there is no room for them they may become impacted. This can be established by getting an X-ray. However, I would think long and hard about it before having them removed if they are impacted. It is actually a minor surgery and as with any surgery, there can be complication such as damage to the facial nerves, so if they're not causing you any debilitating harm it may be better to leave them as they are.
It's really something you have to discuss with a dentist, or if you live in some areas of the UK and are unable to register with one, contact your community dentist so they can see you on an emergency basis.

Strawberry Tart
i supose you could. i'm fifteen and getting mine. it's quite painful and i'm getting loads of soar throats. use your newly found wisdom wisely ;-).

sure can, they might be impacted like mine and have to come out

Yes. It might be worth seeing a dentist for reassurance.

I only had one wisdom tooth and I got that very late too. Don't worry about it.

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