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Can wisdom teeth cause you to have aches all over, chills, and severe tiredness?
I recently had aches, severe temperature changes (to cold) in my body, and the want to sleep constantly. I went to my physician and a trusted RN several times througout the week and no one knows what it is. I also have had severe pain in my lower left wisdom tooth that is already in. Could my wisom tooth be the cause for my illness?? I am no longer achy, cold or sleepy but my wisdom tooth hurts a lot more than it did.

Farah G
yes, thats why people get them taken out. I have heard a lot of people say they didnt even realize how bad it was until they got them out and see how much better they feel. Go ahead and get them taken out. I hope you feel better.

Yes, particulary if it's impacted and infected. Go to dentist.
Mine was like that too, the infection went from acute (symptoms) to chronic (no symptoms). Dentist warned though could cause further silent problems, including blood poisoning.

Wisdom teeth don't cause aches and chills unless they are infected. There is just no reason to take wisdom teeth out if they are not infected. Maybe some reason if they are impacted and painful, but still, I don't think impacted wisdom teeth will cause you to have chills and aches.

Doctors used to take tonsils out to prevent problems but now we know that was a bad decision. So, if there is no pain or infection, you shouldn't have them.removed!

I don't know... but it did cause me headaches. And my headaches do escalate to fever type symptoms when I don't take a pain killer.

Honestly, it really could be that. When babies are teething they have fevers and can become sick to their stomachs. It's the same things with adults.

i'm not sure if it can cause you to get a fever or headaches. when i had mine in, they just hurt my gums for a while. i actually still have my two top ones, and i feel fine!

When I had mine removed (all four at once), it took me 3 weeks to recover. During the 3 weeks I had constant aches around my jaw and upper neck, headaches, etc. I don't remember temperature change like fever or flu-like coldness.

You could have infections from the surgery. Did the orthodontist prescribe antibiotics? Mine gave me pain medicine and antiobotices for several days.

I think if there was an infection in it, you could have the chills, body aches, etc. Good luck.

Susan G
Go to the dentist - your tooth may be infected and probably should be extracted anyway. Use orajel for the discomfort (wet cotton swab and put a small amount of orajel on the swab and then rub over the hurt area.

Joan B
For a very good article on wisdom teeth, visit:



Yes, wisdom teeth can make you feel pretty miserable...

The Complete Idiot
i believe that is possible. i believe soda drinks or acidic drinks in general are bad for wisdom teeth, whether or not you brush your teeth all the time, in case that matters to you. I think garlic, zinc, vitamin C, echinacea/goldenseal, good multivitamin are fine ideas. might as well jump in hot shower, get good and warm, then turn on full cold (or close to it) and stand there for 30 seconds. Turn around and get both sides. Then do neck stretches in all the good directions... front/back, side-side, turn to sides, and roll. Most of these things are to improve circulation or to otherwise help fight infection. My instinct says take ibubrofen but that may be wrong.

But... I think that problem may very well demand a dentist's immediate attention and probably then an oral surgeon. I'm surprised your doctors didn't send you right in. They are the doctors though, not me.

Holy cow......why haven't you gone to the dentist?

I believe it can if there is an infection. A fever is usually caused by your body trying to kill something in your body off. The chills are due to the changes in temperature in your body. I don't know if you told the RN or physician about your jaw pain, but it could be infected.

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