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Julie V
Can dogs get their teeth cleaned without being put under?
my vet says no but why can't they just tranquilize her? She's 7. what will happen if I don't get her teeth cleaned? Jus wondering if it's worth the risk
Additional Details
I brush her teeth but the vet says she has plaque that I can't get off. i need to find a someone that can clean her teeth with out anesthesia

Lilly D
yerrr u can brush its teeth make sure u have like a suitable dog toothbrush and the equipment :)

I think they sell tooth brushes and tooth paste for dogs. You can try that...

Robert G
you can brush your dog's teeth with a toothbrush. you can also get dog-treats (biscuits, chew toys, cookies, etc) that are specially made to clean dogs' teeth

i think your dog will be okay if youu dont clean there teeth.
they might have some bad breath.
but if youu go to the store they have these like denta bone things to help make there teeth strong and breath smell a little better

there are some dog treats that can clean their teeth.

if you don't get her teeth cleaned, the same thing will happen as if you don't clean your teeth.

If you mean brushing her teeth, your vets an idiot...or she thinks you are. They make doggy tooth brushes and toothpaste; which, by the way, sedatives are not included. Clean them yourself.

An0nym0us mAn1Ac
Use a toothbrush.
Why is your dog getting her teeth cleaned?

Jessie T
yeah just do it yourself... with a toothbrush... nothing will happen if you don't clean her teeth... probs best not to put her under incase she doesn't wake back up as she is quiet old in the dog world. Also she shouldn't have to be put under unless she bites. just buy dog paste and brush for her at any pet store or tooth cleaning dog treats....

JustMy Opinion
Wow! I had no idea!!! That cannot be true!! Put under for a teeth cleaning???
Maybe to drill and fill a cavity or something....
I dunno about that one

you dont have to get them prfessionallly cleaned, they just want your money. either try to brush them with a a doggy toothbrush and doggy paste or give him dental bones that clean their teeth while chewing on it. I never knew anyone who actually took their dog to a dentist unless there was a problem.

Sure, they make dog toothbrushes and dog tooth paste. You can buy it at Walmart or you local pet store and do it at home.

♥miss beautiful♥
uuuummm....ya i think so?

It depends on the dog and how much cleaning they need. If the dog bites or really needs cleaning to the point where the vet feels she needs to go under then I would do it that way.

Nurse Susan
You can't. It isn't safe for the doc or the staff assisting him/her.
If the dentist says dog has plaque, it can cause systemic probs in your pet like heart disease.
We adopted a cat that came with 'inflamed gums' - infected; and despite lots of remedial treatment, he lost all his teeth.
We worry about consequnces to heart/kidneys/etc.

Sean G
The previous answer is correct unless the vet is doing real dental work thier teeth can be cleaned while they are awake. Our groomer cleans my dogs teeth everytime we bring him in for a grooming plus when he goes for a checkup at the vet. Plus you can brush them every once in a while yourself they have paste and all for dogs. Plus I have specific toys & chews that I play with my dog with that act similar to a toothbrush when they are chewing on it & will get plaque and such off the teeth. It's better to help with thier upkeep when they are at home so as much won't have to be done at the vet.

Your vet is lazy. Of course there is anesthesia free teeth cleaning. It is just more difficult for the doctor. I had an elderly dog that couldn't handle the risks of the drugs so his teeth were cleaned without putting him under. Find a new vet.

People- routine cleaning and teeth brushing are two totally different things. I brush my teeth several times daily but I also go every 6 months to get them cleaned. Am I the only one who sees a difference?

♪LoveInHerEyes &FlowersInHerHair

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