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Can buck teeth be fixed?
i think my 3 year old daughter has buck teeth, cuz her upper teeth go out farther when her mouth is closed....can this be fixed? i had a friend that has buck teeth and she was always being picked on, she wouldnt smile cuz people would laugh when they see it.. she was always getting beat up..and she went suicide years ago...but can they be fixed? i wouldnt want my daughter to go thru any of that
Additional Details
ya my hub said it is an overbite...is that the same as buck teeth?

well if not adult teeth they might grown in right or braces.. are you sure its no a over bite

Kitty, Kitty Cat
you can't fix her teeth until she gets her permant set. Usually around the ages of 11-14 is when they suggest getting an over bite fixed....and yes they can fix it.

Jazzy Foshizz
braces, if not they can eventually be filed down. but young kids are cute wiht buck teeth. let 'em be for a bit

braces would be an option. go to an orthodontist for their opinion. they may be able to help while she is still little.

rebecca c
yes braces

yes but i would wait until she gets her permanent teeth. then take her to a dentist

JustMy Opinion
Dentist, and braces!

mel s
Yes, but you need to take her to a dentist right away. An orthodontist can fix it at a later age, but a friend of mine took her daughter to the dentist at an early age, and they used spacers and fixed some problems that would have cost 1000's to fix later. Also, sometimes they grow out of the ugly teeth stage. A good dentist will be able to help

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, children should start going to the orthodontist around age 7, because the orthodontist can see if she has any bite problems, and can correct it early. The buck teeth could be caused by a lower jaw that is not positioned correctly, or is not growing as fast as the upper jaw. I recommend taking her to an orthodontist right away. They may not be able to start treatment at 3 years old, but they can keep track of her jaw growth, and maybe start treatment around 6 or 7. The sooner her problems are resolved, the happier she'll be.

~*~ i ♥ blue ~*~
she is only three. wait for her baby teeth to fall out and grow adult teeth. make sure you bring her to the dentist every year. if the problem still persists in her pre-teen or teenage years, you can have the dentist fix her teeth. its expensive though. start saving.

Loose Change™¢
Modern dentistry can do just about anything. Of course they can be fixed, but isn't your 3 year old daughter going to lose those front teeth anyway? When the permanent ones grow in, a dentist can even them up by drilling them down.

aww sorry about your friend. yes i believe it can. when i was little, i had a slight form of this- a few of my teeth went past the front teeth. as per the orthidontist's request i had to push some of them back with a popsicle stick. (dont worry it doesnt hurt) i would definetly go to the dentist to figure out for sure though...but to answer your question, yes it should be able to be fixed. :)

go get her braces despite she is 3 that will fix everything

Absolutely they can be fixed. Take her to see an orthodontist, most nowadays have payment plans.
It will be so much easier to start while she's young then to wait.
It is more painful the older you are when you get braces.

Well if she is 3 years old then don't worry about it, my mom took me to the dentist when I was 6 because she was worried about my teeth, it was just a waste of time you can't fix any teeth when her teeth haven't all came out and grown back. Just wait until puberty then you will see how their teeth turn out, and if it's buck they can wear braces.

OK, first of all everyone's upper teeth should sit in front of their lower teeth when her jaw is shut, unless they have an underbite. But not very far.

Now if her teeth stick out extremely far she probably has an over bite. It it's all of her top teeth (her top jaw) then it's an overbite and should be able to be corrected by a dentist/oral surgeon. If the rest of her teeth are in good position and only the front two teeth protrude (so-called "buck teeth") this can be corrected with braces. If there is a space or gap between the front two teeth, they can clip the tendon that runs between those teeth, (the piece the connects to the inside of your lip when --you can feel it when you pull your top lip away from your teeth).

Either way, you need to take her to a dentist and find out if it is something that is abnormal and if so, what needs to be done to correct it,

Hope this helps!!

buck teeth (overbite) can be fixed with orthodontic work.

definately wait until her permanant teeth come in though, it may not be as bad as you think as she gets older.

Beatles Fanatic!
tell her that she is beautiful no matter what!!!
braces, invisilign (invisible braces) or venners are options to correct buck teeth
but before you even begin to decide on anything you must talk to her dentist....and from there an orthodontist to find out if she will need anything like that for sure and if so, what type will work best for her

Yes, her overbite can be fixed but not at the age of 3. She needs to have all of her adult front teeth in before they will fix them.

First she is three . these are her baby teeth .... By the time she is 10- 13 with many check ups from the denist .. he will be able to fix them then... Bu Really? Allow her to grow up, most kids eventually grow into those big teeth they get when in the tweens. Everything will be okay ...
By the way? She is not to young to visit the dentist now ... go get her teeth cleans so she will be comfortable at the dentist office. Good Luck

Swede Cake
it's called an overbite..... and if she visits the ortho and dentist as reccommended she will have a beautiful smile. it's not the only important thing

Buck teeth can be "fixed". Braces will straighten and align teeth. Buck teeth are filed down to the desired size. It's a relitively painless processes. It just sounds and smells weird when it's happening.

Sure. There is a whole field of dentistry called Orthodontics that specializes in the correction of misaligned teeth.

I had an overbite when I was a kid. A couple of years in braces straightened me out.

Blue T T
Yes, go to a dentist.

its ok for now when she gets her adult teeth THEN you can always get braces. hey you never know once she losses these she may not have the same problem. dont worry she'll be fine just dont lead her to believe that its ugly or abnormal. it will get fixed before its really important

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