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Can a cavity go away on its on?
My boyfriend has some cavities that he is refusing to get filled. Will they go away on his own if he keeps brushing and doesnt eat sweets??

James B
Yes and no. I had three small cavities and had not been to the dentist in about 5 years when I began working out, reduced my sugar intake drastically, only drinking diet soda etc.

What happened was that my cavities (according to my dentist) went through a process called de-calcification. The cavity became hard and once again a healthy part of the tooth. It remained discolored, but was no longer in a state of decay.

The dentist asked me if there was a drastic change in the oral care I was taking with my mouth and he explaind the whole thing to me, even taking images of the de-calcification because it is rare. The teeth to this day remain healthy and do not need fillings. I go to the dentist regularly now. So yes, it is never too late for a tooth, cavities can be "reversed" . Read up on decalcification, I'll bet many of you will be surprised.

Just my two cents...

No next thing you know - you will be spending 1000.00 on a root canal. Go get it fixed. Most dentists have payment plans

need a filling

Ms. Steel
It depends, if the cavities youre talking about are incipient
(white spot lesions) meaning they look white and chalky without any visible cavitation then he can rinse with fluoride and make the tooth in question healthy again. but if the tooth has a visible cavitation (hole) then no, the cavity won't go away regardless of his efforts. he should see a dentist before his cavity becomes a bigger problem which will cost more.

UmMm... that would be a NO!

sorry to sound mean but thats kinda obvious.

sit in the hat damn scott
cavitys can not go away on its own..
cavitys are holes in your teeth

Cavities do not go away on there own and if he doesnt get it filled he could get an infection and if thats not treated , the infection can get in his blood stream. If it doesnt get infected and the cavity gets bigger he could end uop needing the tooth extracted.

Of course they are not going to go away, they are actual holes in his teeth and will only get worse.

Alex G
At best he can slow down the rate of decay, but unfortunately, they will not get any smaller. Once the enamel layer has been punctured (such as in cavities), the teeth are bare and exposed to the bacteria that eat through them.

Better get him to a dentist!!

cavities cant go away on there own
after awhile they will ruin your teeth and have to get them removed. he should get them filled, immediatly

The will only get worse, it doesn't matter how well you brush at this point. Only a dentist can help you. And then good habbits after that. tell your boyfriend to stop acting like a sissy and go get his teeth fixed.

No. He needs to see a dentist as soon as possible. The decay will eventually kill the nerve associated with a lot of pain beforehand. This can cause an infection. This infection can spread to his gums, his jaw, and even his brain, which could kill him. This is a serious matter that needs attention sooner rather than later. Also the longer he waits the more expensive it will be.


Nope. The bacteria are already there.

Andrew G
They will persist until the decay reaches the tooth nerve, THEN he'll seek a dentist. But it is much better to have the problem fixed earlier. It's a common male trait to avoid going to the dentist. Some see it as a sort of male castration complex (I don't know why).

'Fraid not. Go see a dentist.

No. A cavity is a hole in his tooth. He may be able to prevent further decay, but even this isn't likely. The hole in his tooth is a good place for the bacteria that cause cavities to hide, and any time he leaves sugar in his mouth he's feeding them--I don't think brushing would do much to stop his cavities from getting worse.

If he is afraid of the dentist, remind him that if he waits until it hurts, he'll need a root canal, at triple the pain and triple the bill.

No, they just get worse.

No! They will continue to decay and get worse until he either has very bad tooth pain or the rot and fall out.

No, you can't regrow enamel. He'll have to get tehm filled or they'll continue to grow.

Cap'n Mad Jack Cheddar
Yes, once the whole tooth rots away.

Larry G
My suggestion? Get a boyfriend with better hygene.

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