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Can a abcessed tooth make you sick?
can a abcessed make you sick. I know that they will if they don't get taken care of fast but I have one and I cant got to the dentist for another month and I am worried that it is making me sick. The infection keeps coming out of my gums and giving me a very bad taste in my mouth is that a good thing.
Additional Details
I am not having pain it is just the nasty stuff coming out of my gum.


Gothic Rose
It can make you sick but it usually takes a while. I would try to get into a dentist earlier, if you can, but if you cannot you should be okay. I would ask t he dentist to be sure though.

if you can stand the pain that you have already go ahead and wait

Chancy H
You need to have this taken care of immediately. The infection can lead to blood poisoning and also can go to your brain. If your regular dentist can not see you right away call around and explain the situation. You should be able to find someone to take care of you. If calling around don't work just go to your regular dentist and show up at their office when they open and tell the you have to get this removed. More than likely they will put you on Penicillin or amoxcillin for the infection. You must get rid of the infection before you have your tooth extracted. This will take about 10 to 14 days. Good luck and don't let them give you the run around!

The infection can get to your brain. You need to have that thing removed. I knew someone who died from the infection. Hurry . . . unless you want to die.

Get it looked at ASAP! You can get blood poisoning and croak! :-(=

Well if it's not making you sick it's making you unhappy. Maybe you should call your dentist again and tell them what you put on here and see if they can't work you in somehow. If not maybe see your doctor, at the very least s/he can tell you if you should be on antibiotics until you can see your dentist.

debbie f
no that means you are swallowing the infection. If you can not get to the dentist then call your doctor. You need to be on antibiotics and before a dentist can help you the abcess needs to be gone.

YES, IT CAN MAKE YOU VERY SICK. GO TO DENTIST SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It can kill you. The poison from the infection will travel through your system.

ArchWired.com Braces Website
Dawn B, read this article about a boy who died from a tooth infection. It is a true story that was in the news last month. The infection from his tooth spread to his brain and killed him.


Now, please see a dentist immediately.

it can make you in a lot of pain and can actually cause your teeth to loosen and eventually fall out. I would try to get in somewhere else because you don't want to lose your pearly whites!

Its bad and you need to go to the dentist

A month is too long. Like you said, it's an infection. Untreated it has the potential to cause not only terrible pain but tissue and jawbone damage. If it spreads internally there is even a chance of it making you ill enough to require hospitalization.

Do not leave this alone. It needs treatment.

I am sure any infection in your body would make you sick. You better try to get an appointment sooner or maybe a Dr. appt. to get your started on antibiotic. Hope you feel better!

Absolutely! I'm with David too on the heart thing. You need to be taking antibiotics immediately.

David G
It can poison your entire body, even hurt your heart. I'm no dentist but I would go online and check it out for yourself. There should be free dental service available if you look for it. Don't wait.

Emily Hobhouse
Yes, it could make you ill. As far as I know it could lead to blood poisoning. You really need antibiotics. Phone your dentist and explain you have an abscess. I can't believe they won't see you straight away.

Yes it can. Any infection is potentially dangerous. You're swallowing poison created by the invading microbes and your body is continuously fighting them. You probably won't feel your best until you get this taken care of and more serious things can and sometimes do happen.

Would you walk around with a festering wound for a month? I didn't think so.

If it has already been established that the tooth cannot be saved, find a hospital in your area that has an oral surgery department and have them extract it for you.

If the tooth is still saveable through root canal therapy, either ask your dentist to see you as an emergency appointment to clean out the tooth and temporize it (i.e. stabilize the situation) so he can finish the root canal later, or ask him to refer you to someone (an endo specialist) who can take care of it in a timely fashion. Or have it pulled if you decide against doing the RCT/crown/post after evaluating your options.

Don't let it drag on for a month, whatever you do.

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