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 How do I get rid of bad breath?

 I chipped my tooth just a bit. How long will it take to heal?
Today to show my friend a feature of my Sharpie Mini, I tried to get the silver clip cap off it. Unable to get it with my fingers, i tried to bite it. The silver part chipped my front tooth a bit. T...

lesss than $30.
and dont say brushing your teeth or Whitenimg toothpate....

 How do I let my tutor know that his breath smells without hurting his feelings?
He drinks coffee all the time and whenever he gets close to me I feel like i am going to ...

 Wisdom teeth taken out in hospital under general?
I have avoided the dentist for 12 years because i was too nervous to go.One of my wisdom teeth is sore and pushing up through gum a bit so went dentist after hubby forced me. An x-ray showed i have 2 ...

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 What is the best way to get rid of a mouth ulcer? Bonjela doesn't do anything for me!?

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 PLZ help! does ice or cold things help tootache?
I'm in pain!!!!! & dnt have acess to the ...

 What color braces should i get?
i'm a 14 yr old male hindu.
i have black hair, brown eyes, 6 feet tall.
light brown skin.

what colors should i get.
i like the color red. what do u guys think?

 How often do you brush your teeth?
On average I brush mine 1.5 times per ...

 I have a problem w/grinding my teeth @ nite-the dentist suggest i get a nite guard that cost $475.?
i think he is nuts! does anyone have advice for me? should i use what the doctor orders or should i try something else?...

 Having a wisdom tooth removed and scared to death!!?
I'm having one wisdom tooth removed next monday and I have just found out its going to be done under a local anesthetic. I am now terrified. I don't like dentists at the best of times and i&...

 Help!!!! What can I do to make my teeth WHITE...?
I looked at my other day... And dam there yellow... can someone help with any ideas???...

 Do you have amalgam (silver) fillings in your teeth?
If so are you worried about the Mercury?...

 Ive noticed my gums receeding on the lower teeth what can i do im shiting my self?

 Can dipping your toothbrush in alcohol kill the germs and bacteria in it?

 Braces... Ok so... im getting braces?
Ok... so im getting braces in like a month... im really scared, do they hurt like hurt hurt or are they like hurt sore??? plz help me... I need to be ready for this. :(...

 My daughter just lost her first tooth however, it almost looks like the root is still in her gums.What do I do
The tooth was loose for a long time and there was LOTS of wiggling. There appears to be no long root on the portion of the tooth that came out and there was minimal bleeding....

Ok so I just got spacers abuot 2 weeks ago and they hurt really bad!!! So here are my questions:
1- On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 the worst, how much do braces hurt after you get them in?
2- H...

Can Wisdom Teeth grow back after being pulled out?

Of course not, moron.

Nope. Moron.

What a dumb question!!!!! If your permanent teeth fall out will they grow back???? ofcourse not you only get one set of permanent teeth (ADULT teeth) if they happen to fall or to be extracted there is no way to get them back..... Really did u actually think they will come back after being removed??? unless your a shark and have millions of teeth lined up then there may be a posability.... :)


Sassy OLD Broad

No, the root of the tooth is gone.

no absolutly not,

No, but it sure hurts when they are taken out, I looked like a chipmunk for days after they were pulled.

They normally don't grow back.

Not suppose to, but I have heard of an appendix growing back after it had been removed.

Yes, any tooth can, it is rare, but they can. My sister had to have one removed after it grew back at age 37. But then she had a front tooth that came in after baby tooth came out and then the second or primary tooth had come in so the primary tooth had to be removed.

Unless u have supplementary teeth


no,not at all...how would a teeth or for that matter any organ grow back..

You can have more than four my brother had six my sister had five and I had six. Its not common to have more than four. btw for all the people callin her a moron your the ones that look like a moron do some reserach before answering a question.

No. However, there have been people occasionally documented as having more than two sets of teeth in a lifetime. This is, of course, very rare. Additionally, the teeth would already be in existence after birth, so the third sets could not be viewed as a healing mechanism.

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