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Can I sue my dentist?
I went to my dentist for pain that I was having on the right side of my mouth, he told me I needed a root canal and that I had an infection. He gave me drugs for the infection and told me to come back in a few weeks to have the root canal done. WhenI came back in, he took a full x-ray and said I needed 4 root canals. He did the root canals and put temporary fillings in my teeth. About 2 weeks later one of them came out, he replaced it and got started on the crown for one of the teeth. The crown fell off 2 months later and then the filling came out of another tooth. One of the other teeth started to break so I can't reall chew too well on either side of my mouth. Now, I have other teeth that he didn't work on that are starting to break because there is too much pressure and strain on the other teeth. I went to a better dentist who told me I needed to have a repeat root canal on 1 of the teeth because he did a horrible job and it should have been plain to any first year dental student.
Additional Details
That it was a poor job. As if that isn't enough, I now have $5000.00 worth of repair work from all of the mistakes that he made, he up and left his practic so I can't find him, AND my new dentist said that i didn't neewd half of the work that he did in the first place.


Sorry thisi is so long but you needed all of the details.

sue the *****

David C
yes sue him, nobody will tell you different

Alicia S
Yes absolutely you should not have to deal with that!!!...

sue his azz

Bo Bo
omg you poor thing. Sue his ***

i got my money from bugs bunny!!

Celeste L

I don't see why you couldn't sue your old dentist. I would start looking for a lawer a.s.a.p. if he makes you pay for all of it. I would only pay the first vist bill.

You should of started looking for another dentist right away. You only get one set of teeth then it's off to dentures. My mother is in her early 40's with both tops and bottoms dentures and if she could she'd get her own teeth back! You could sue the dentist or you could go and find someone who can fix all your problems and leave it be. You could report him to the BBB or the National Dentist Association but I think suing will not get you the satisfaction you are looking for.

Dara S
I think you should be able to get some if not all of your money back from the dentist that did all of the botch work. I wouldn't go and sue right away. Talk with him and if he refuses to refund you then talk to an attorney.

Call a lawyer, but I wouldn't expect anything. Maybe you can get reimbursed for his lousy work.

*v i c k y*
ya just call an atorney or talk to one and see what they have to say... but i'm pretty sure u can

Yes! But have the new dentist write down his thoughts

You can sue him if you have enough evidence to substantiate your claim. You need to do your own research too- ask around about him, check up on his credentials, things like that.

But yeah, that DOES sound like he did a terrible job. I'm sorry about what you must be going through!

Samm L
yes of course

tony de la hoya
Depends on what you are suing him for???? to get your fix teeth money back or to get them redone or to get a 1 million dollar.... just like someone said nowadays you can sue who you want when you want and how you want the question is o you have pictures and or witnesses and receipts and the opinion and paper work from your second doctor time and dates i mean i can go on and on but yes you can sue him..... be careful not to pay for the suing fees as it is the dentist fault to pay for it since he is the person being sued.

Absolutley. But your going to need a good lawyer to present your case. Good Luck!

defintion of random: me
i would just go to another dentist

My advice is to check that your dentist ACTUALLY graduated from medical school.
Chances are he didn't.


Just Dave
No one can really answer except a lawyer. You can sue anyone for anything. that's true.

But a lawyer will tell you whether or not you can win, and that's all that counts.

Martial Arts Freak

yes but get a good lawyer

Jonathan G
In this age in time you can sue anyone you want!!!

I can see PA,NY&DE from my NJ
This advise is coming from a dentist. You can if you wish sue your dentist. The problem that you may find that many lawyers may not want to take the case on contingency as the outcome of the lawsuit may not be as profitable as they would like for the amount of work put in to the case. If your dentist truly did sub standard work I would contact that dentist and ask for a refund for the amount paid. I have done that was some of my patients who received poor treatment elsewhere and the former dentist at times as given a refund to the patient (I assume to prevent a lawsuit)
If this dentist left, it would be hard to sue if he can not be located.

Yes, you can. Contact your insurance for assistance or the health department.

David S
In my opinion, no it doesn't sound like the previous dentist intentionally neglected you which ended up harming you.

Temporary fillings can fall it. It has happened to me before.

Permanent fillings can fall out, but they usually "fall out" because there's decay underneath the filling.

Crowns can come off. They tend to come off when you eat something sticky. They can come off when you don't eat anything sticky. A crown is held in by retention and the cement only fills in the gaps/micrometer spaces in between the crown and the tooth. Crowns can come off after a day (not likely but possible), a week, or years.

Are you promptly getting the root canal treated teeth crowns on them? If not, then I'm not surprised some are cracking and chipping. Teeth with root canal treatments are brittle and crowns are highly highly recommended.

What makes the other dentist better? I don't bash other people's dental work. It implies I'm perfect or superior to other dentists which can create false expectations from the patient. If I feel work isn't adequete I'll say, "I think this [insert procedure] can be done better because [insert reasoning]" I will not say your previous dentist did a crap job. I may think it but I'm not gonna say it.

Root canal treatments rely on a 2 dimensional picture of a 3 dimensional object. It doesn't give the entire picture because it's flat. It's possible the root canal was done to the best of anyones ability and the morphology of the canal is not an ideal text book representation.

you might be able to sue. but you should probably go to your local legal aid office to get some advice from a real lawyer before you try to file a lawsuit

You can sue anybody and time you want, if you win or not is based on if you have any damages. In this case, you should be able to get whatever it cost you to go to the second dentist.

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