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Michael P
Can I brush my teeth with hydrogen-peroxide?

yes but dont do it unless it serrious[bad infection] and dont sallow it try

I guess if it is the toothpaste, go ahead see what happens? then let me know....

Ya, but why?

yes just swish it around into your mouth

Billy T
yes and it will not hurt a thing. it did help a little for me but not that much

Yes. Some toothpastes have it in them.

Keri B
Sure can but dilute it with water first and avoid your gums, it will bleach them too.

yes, the bubbles are annoying but it removes even hardened plaque very well.

I use to do it when one of my gums was bleeding. There is a toothpaste with peroxide in it.

I swish with it sometimes, but do not over do it.

Valac Gypsy
I'd have to say definitely YES. I have a friend who has been a dental assistant for years; she uses hydrogen peroxide WITH baking soda--never buys a tube of toothpaste. I'd certainly trust her, but prefer toothpaste "taste"..

Sure it would be good to do.

Yes, but dilute it with a little water, otherwise, if you continue you will eventually get some slight chemical burns in your mouth.

yeah it suppose to help whiten ur teeth

yep.... just don't swallow...and rinse your mouth our good.

Use it as a mouth wash. Dilute it with water and swish it around in your mouth for like 30-45 seconds. It tastes nasty, but you'll notice a difference in about a week if you do it daily. Oh, and don't do it more than twice a day, because it will eventually start to erode the enamel on your teeth.

Culito sanchez
You can do it temporarily but long term use can cause a condition called black hairy tongue. If you see your tongue turning black then just stop doing it and the condition will go away in time.

you probably could, but i wouldnt want to. there are so many toothpastes out there with whitening in them try crest vivid white

Yes it works very nice.

you can gargle with it...

Sure just don't swallow

yes you certainly can. it is commonly found in toothpaste anyway. hydrogen-peroxide, baking soda, and salt are all good whitening agents. it doesn't taste too good though.

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