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 Do fillings hurt?
I have two fillings that are like the size of a pin point. I was just wondring if getting a filling hurts....

 Braces hurting like hell!?
I got Braces yesterday and one of teeth is slightly further back than the rest. If i even touch the bracket on my tooth it hurts like absolute hell. Does anyone have any advice as to what i can do to ...

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 Are my teeth straight??
Use Picture on my profile ...

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what can I do with a smelly garlic breath?
how can I get rid fo ?...

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I just wear my braces like, 2 weeks ago and the thing that’s totally killing me is the fact that I can’t drink soft drinks coz it may damage my braces. But can I use straws to drink soft drinks? T...

 Do you floss?
the longest answer with out repeating no,no,no,no,no,no it has to be like a paragraph.
Additional Details
the answerer who has the longest answer gets the points But, you cant repeat no,...

 So you have to wear a retainer after braces?
After I get the braces off will I have to rear a retainer?...

 Why do i do this???
i chew my lip alot and now that im sick its worse! its like a big and swollen... and like i do it till it bleeds and bite skin off and stuff! its so sick! idk why i do it! i find myself doing it and ...

 I am 18 and getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow. Any suggestions or things i shouldn't do?
like eating, slepping or anything... please ...

 Is my upper lip suppose to bleed this way?

 Is saying you broke a tooth a good excuse to call out sick the next day?
I have an appointment with my dentist tomorrow, but I didn't clear it with my boss to leave early- it usually isn't a problem. Now, of course, I see I am scheduled for a meeting when I ...

 What is a dental floss?

 Can I get braces even though i dont really need them?
I dont really need them but there is one tooth on the bottom that is barely overlapped on the tooth...and i think it would be pretty cool to get them....

 How far would you go for the perfect smile?
My neighbor thinks sometimes she'd rather just have her whole jaw knocked out in a fight. She has a chronic fear of the dentist but she has cavities & needs braces. It seems like it's ...

 Will these foods cause cavities?
Bread,milk,vegetables,fruits, like just the healthy stuff. will avoiding junk food not give me cavities anymore?...

 I Have Just Drank 2 Pints Of Milk Because I Have Tooth-Ache (Will That Do My Tooth Good?)?
Will It Do Me Good? :)

Will It Not? :(...

 My wisdom teeth hurts any remedy?

 Need a dentist now?
Husband has broken back tooth and is in agony. Where and how can we find a dentist who will see him on a Sunday? We live in the Borehamwood area of Herts....

Braces+high school=help?
I'm going to high school this year and I have to wear braces! Until the end of 10th grade, but if my mom dosen't hurry up and get them I'll be wearing them for all of high school because I need them for two years. What should I do to make them less noticeable. I cant get the clear ones I have to get metal.... so what can I do?
Additional Details
I know im blessed people! Because my mom raised me to be independent since my dad isn't helping us out... and she's a teacher raising 4 kids, it's hard, i've been through a lot.

haley h
evvvverrryooonneee has braces in highschool no one will care...seniors still have braces..your fine.

Get pink ones and make the horrible people WANT braces.


Get over it.. You wont be the only person with braces, and what would you rather have through high school

1. Braces

2. Nasty smile / crooked teeth etc..

Most people get braces at some point, it's life, you will be fine

well i have braces and there is no way to really hide them, but if you want them a little less noticible, DO NOT GET BRIGHT COLORS ON THEM! since at the dentist you can choose your colors, just choose lighter ones!
but dont get to frustrated with the fact that you have to wear them in high school, everyone has them and you'll get used to them and so will everyone else :)


Why would you wanna hide them? They're no big deal, you won't be the only one with them

Don't worry. I'm right there with you! I'm in 9th grade and I still haven't gotten my braces! But don't be afraid to use them I bet that more than 50% of high school students will have them and then after a while you'll get used to them and so will everyone else so don't worry. But if you really want to cover them up try smaller smiles and not showing the teeth. Also try talking less. But if I were you I wouldn't care what everyone else said and I'd just be myself.

you need to sell your smile
(feel pretty)
because if you feel pretty you look pretty theres nothing wrong with braces and if you get it fixed now you wont have to have them whenever your an adult.
just make sure you have a compact mirror in your purse and check at the end of every meal for food stuck in them
im sure that you will still look gorgeous!

I have the same problem i just got braces on. they are really no big deal and hiding them would just make it worst. when u first get them on u will think they lok bad cuz that is what i did but after a couple days u will forget they are there. But i do suggest not getting 2 or more color just stick with one it looks better. plus mostly everyone now has braces or has had them so there is nothing to worry about.

You can't really do anything to make them less noticeable. They are what they are. I'm sure you're not going to be the only one in your school wearing braces. And some cruel, insensitive, insecure people may call you names and make fun of you. These are the people who feel a need to criticize others in an attempt to boost their own egos. Just think about how great your teeth will look when you get them off.

Get silver bands to put around your braces so they match the metal, it'll be less noticable than the colored bands. It's metal in your mouth so I don't know how else to make them less noticable. Braces aren't too bad. I had them in high school too and hated it. But after they're off you'll apreciate the great smile you'll have.

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