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Black gums?
ok i have black gums and i've had them for ever and i was just wondering what it meant. at the bottom of my gum it is blackish but more to the top they are a strong pink. I personally think it has to do with melanin or pigment just like it is in skin or something like that but i'm not sure. I'm dominican and the dark skinned kind by the way. and i can stretch my skin thats why the pics are like that. and my teeth are straight. for the most part and i never had braces lol

here are some pics





Justin P
get to the e.r

Just kidding probally gum disease...nothing to bad...not like it rots you're teeth out and gives you a heart attack and kills you right?(Sarcasm/I think it does!)!
Just go to the dentist!

Emily Dew
My guess is that you haven't been seeing a dentist for regular dental care ... otherwise, you would have asked the dentist this question.

"Or the fact that I looked at all four of them" Haha Trista!!!

Me too...me too lol

you should probably see a dentist, because black gums aren't normal. If he can treat it, brush your teeth every morning and night before bed.

a person who needs answers
your nerves are dead on them.

or you may have a gum dieaseas[i cant spell ok] but take my word for it my freinds gums are balck and its cause his gum nerves are dead and not for any reason theyve just always been like that

Gum disease- go to a dentist as soon as you can to get treatment.


HI. I think you are turning into MONKEY :)
P.S. Go consult with your doctor not yahoo. Good Luck.

Either there isn't enough blood flow going to your gums or you are part Chow dog........

You should see a doctor not to freaak you out or anything

Larissa Lurid
theyre just dark because of your skin, just like what you thought

yes. that should be melanin pigmentation. darker skinned individuals have them. it's normal, no treatment needed.

just practice good oral hygiene and visit a dentist regularly.

Your teeth and gums look completely normal and healthy for your skin type... Please do not listen to the idiots that are trying to scare you...!

Take your concerns straight to the expert
(your dentist) which you should be doing regularly every six months anyhow!!! All the best.

Oh my- don't let these people freak you out! It is just a normal variation of gingival pigment. Completely normal! Some people have more melanin in their gums than others! Usually people who are not caucasian. You and your beautiful gums will be fine!...

-and I don't appreciate whoever gave me the thumbs down when I have spent so much time in oral pathology classes, oral anatomy classes, not to mention the tons of time in clinic looking in mouths and cleaning teeth! In the pics her gums aren't swollen or unhealthy, the free gingiva looks scalloped and healthy and the pigment is NORMAL- geesh!

It's just skin...YOUR skin. No disease or anything. As long as you remember to always care for your teeth and gums by brushing your teeth and NOT smoking! : )

i would think this is normal everyone gums are different kind of like some dogs have blue tongues some have pink ones and some have both colors.

maybe it's the picture quality...but they look normal to me. They don't look black.

your teeth are fine.

police officer
alot of people with darker skin color have black gums

Listen to Bethany, keep scrolling down and you'll find her. I have been a dental assistant for over 6 years and I am a Dental Hygiene student as well. Trust me, and her, we spend enough time in clinic and you have very nice gingiva. It is just pigmented, and very healthy. You pretty much answered your own question. As long as there is no discomfort or bleeding I don't see any cause for concern. However, I fill I have to remind you to get your teeth cleaned every six months :) just ask your hygienist during your next visit about your gums, it's o.k!

I don't know which is weirder...the fact that you put pics of your gums on the internet....or the fact that I looked at all four of them...

Intrepid Z
Thats perfectly normal. Its racial hyperpigmentation.
Asians and people of african origin have it usually. but not always some of them may not have it.

dont worry its nothing at all.

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