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 Do u think this is abuse?? y??
i think this was sick but with the prices of dental who knows? what u think?

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I've never been to a dentist because #1) My parents never had dental insurance and we couldn't afford it #2) I've never been able to afford my own dental insurance either. #3) I'...

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 Any way to make my braces stop hurting?
I got them tightened and i know they hurt and all
but please help make the pain go away
I took tylonal and it didn't work
any ideas?...

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 Bugs in my teeth!?
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 In what order should I floss, brush and use Listerine?

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 Why are there no emergency rooms with dentists?
My husband has a really bad toothache and needs his tooth pulled ASAP!! Why aren't dentists like doctors and on call at the emergency room? U.K. Hospital in Kentucky doesn't even have one....

 Can you put toothpaste back in the tube?

 I feel SO overwhelmed by the dental work in front of me and the cost, that I am considering suicide. I don't
have a dentist. I don't have dental insurance. I have taken excellent care of my teeth, but a combination of an injury and side effects from medication have made a mess in my mouth and I am in ...

Are electric toothbrushes better than normal ones?

not sure never used an electric toothbrush but normal one works perfect.

tetsuwan atom!
YES. I had stains on my teeth and a 'leccy brush really helped and quickly too.

Many people brush too hard with regular toothbrushes. This causes the enamel to actually wear away over time. If you brush properly (in gentle circular motions) and not too hard you have nothing to worry about.

I have a sonicare. Love it. My teeth are whiter and I don't have to worry about brushing technique because it does it for you. The battery operated ones are not good in my opinion because you have to change the batteries all the time and sometimes the water and toothpaste get into the battery chamber. (My kids had this problem)

If you brush your teeth properly and vigourously no. If you don't or are lazy, yes. I was taught to brush my teeth in a circular motion on the outside, and with a flicking mtion on the inside. I have never used an electric toothbrush, and the dentist says my teeth are always nice and clean. Some people get into the habit of missing the same spot each time, and your dentist can tell you if this is the case.

maria p
only if you brush a lot

no... abrasion

I found that it played havoc with fillings, but my dentist said that that was unlikely.
However, I stopped using it, as I no longer trusted it.

What do I look like? an electric toothbrush?


no there not they are just a gimmick to make money

I've heard it depends on the toothbrush. I've got a Sonicare and I love it - makes my teeth super clean and smoother than with a regular brush.

Yes, and easier. But take it easy. Just the pressure of holding a pen.


If you like them, they are. If you don't like them then your not likely to use it so in that case it would be useless. Any tooth brush that rings your bell is a great tooth brush. If you like the one with the purple kangaroo handle that wraps aroung your teeth at 180 degrees then that is the best tooth brush for you.

The onlything to avoid are medium and hard bristle as they can wear down your tooth enamel over the long run.

poppies say grrr!
They are for piles!!

I think they are, make your teeth feel cleaner and i don't have half as many cavities as i use to do when i was just using an ordinary toothbrush.

King of Hearts
The name sounds scary and weird and silly and drakula-ish.

Katy L
I was told to get an electric toothbrush, because I was brushing too hard with my regular toothbrush, and it was making the enamel come off of my teeth. And then it was making my teeth sensitive. So this electric one has helped me alot. Because you don't need to scrub with it. It just does the work.

No....the normal toothbrushes are better. You can control it better than the electric ones.

YES! Electric toothbrushes are much better than normal ones. Especially the battery operated electric toothbrushes because they are cheaper in price and do the best job in my opinion. Try any Oral B battery operated electric toothbrush and you will never use a normal toothbrush again.

i'm a dentist and i use a good old $2 toothbrush if that tells you anything. but if it gets you fired up to actually brush your teeth and you wouldn't otherwise, then yes, they're better.

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