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Kelsey F
Are braces really just a big scam?
Because some ppl say they are. (like my mom lol)


Dances With Cats
My teeth were REALLY crooked; my jaw was too small to fit all my adult teeth, and I literally had fangs. I had four teeth pulled and wore braces (and a variety of headgear) for about 2 1/2 years from ages 14-17.

When I got done, my teeth were a lot straighter. They all fit in my mouth properly, and I didn't have any problems when my wisdom teeth came in. If I hadn't had braces, I would have had to have surgery to get my wisdom teeth out, and I'd probably be in some special version of dental hell because of all the decay I'd have suffered by not being able to brush and floss a lot of my teeth. But now people say I have gorgeous teeth and I'm not the least bit embarrassed to smile!

I think it may be trendy in some socioeconomic circles to get orthodontics, in order to make sure your kids have perfect Chiclet teeth--and I think this is where the idea of braces as a scam comes from. But if you have genuine problems with the alignment or spacing of your teeth or jaw (an overbite or underbite), then orthodontics can be a major bonus. Also, going from nasty, crooked teeth to straight teeth is very good for the self-esteem as well as for your present and future dental health.

I'll be honest: having braces is painful. You have to have them adjusted every month, and your teeth will hurt for a day or so after each adjustment. Aspirin or ibuprofen should take care of the pain, though.

As a side note, when my wisdom teeth came in, my teeth did get a little bit crooked again, particularly my bottom teeth, so I'm considering getting orthodontics (probably Invisalign) to get myself sorted out again.

The Nikki
I personally think it depends on how bad your teeth are-- if they're just slightly crooked then braces may not be worth it, but for some people braces are a MUST, my sister for example, had fang like teeth, and her bottom teeth were every which way.

they are not, they got my teeth better looking, confidence booster!!!

Madeleine F
no way! has your mom never seen what braces do or something?!?!?!?! the reason people get them is because our teeth work better when they are how they are meant to be. and having straight teeth is important because it keeps them healthy. if you have crooked teeth you could get cavities in places that you can't get with a toothbrush or floss. braces are definitley an important thing to have. or invisalign, that's what i had.

no! they make your teeth straight!

Colleen I
They are and they're not. They are a scam because they cost around 5K (Canadian Currency) and they are not attractive (unless metal in your mouth makes you look hot).
They are however because it straightens your teeth making you more attractive! Braces are easy to take care of if you follow the instructions and it's worth it.

um no. I was suppose to have braces for 1 year but I had them for 1 year in half and guess what it played off. After having a lot of pains and every month going to the Dentist office it worked out. Random ppl tell me I have amazing teeth and there really white. But hey im whiten them all the time shh

Krysta W
I don't think so. I had braces on two seperate occasions, when I was in 3rd grade and then 7th grade until 10th grade. My first orthodontist wasn't the crunchiest chip in the bag and put braces on before I lost all my baby teeth. So, I switched to another guy and he fixed everything.

I had a bottom right incisor that was completely turned sideways and a top left incisor that was up above the rest of my teeth because it had no room to grow into. My orthodontist fixed both of these problems. Of course, it was over 3 years, but it was worth it.

It's expensive, a pain in the butt, and makes your mouth sore from several reasons, but it was the best thing for me.

I've been complimented on my smile on more than one occasion and I love smiling. Especially when I got my braces off in 10th grade, it was great, even though I had to wear a retainer. I have a permanent retainer on the back of my bottom teeth that keeps everything in place and it doesn't bother me one bit.

If you want to get braces, or you think that you need them, ask your mom to go to the orthodontist with you and see what they say. The best way is for your mom to have solid evidence that you may need some corrections.

Don't be afraid to ask her! It's all worth it!

no!!! believe me, they work!!! my teeth were very crooked and i got braces in the second grade. it really helped to improved my self esteem! although u r supost 2 wear retainers for a reeeeaally long time, so maybe that's why pple think it's a scam. although, come to think of it, i only wore my retainers for a few months... although i think i was supost to wear them much longer!

how are they a scam if they straighten your teeth?????????

i got them when i was about 13 til i was 15. they straightened out my teeth. i just had like two bottom teeth that were crooked. i guess for people who are insecure about their crooked teeth, they can be helpfull

Definitely not i had them on for THREE years and i thought the same thing but until i got them off, now my teeth are perfect it is amazing ! =)

Nikki ‚ô•
how could they be wen they straighten your teeth.
well ik wen i first got braces the place i went to didn't know wat they were doin at all n they were screwing up my mouth big time so i wasted 3 yrs and A LOT of money but the new place knew wat they were doing and my teeth r flawless. im glad we have braces

my sis just got braces but i don't think they are

no. they are painful sometimes...but they work well as long as you use your retainer after you get them taken off

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