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 Braces please answer????
how much do you have to pay to get the braces
and which color should i get them?
Additional Details
were do you guys get the braces at?...

 I need to swallow antibiotics but I can't because the water affects my tooth?
Ok My tooth at the back is sensitive and might need root canal if these antibiotics don't work,

i've tried 2 already and I can't swallow it
I tried putting the tablet ...

 I got braces and i want my tongue pierced.?
My question is should i get my tongue pierced since i have braces but i always wanted my tongue pierced for some strange reason lolsz but should i get it done or should i wait?
Additional D...

 Is it safe to use an electronic toothbrush with braces?
I just got my braces on today(Wahoo), and I am really paranoid about knocking the brackets loose. The random little kit they gave me has a manual toothbrush in it. Should I be using that instead?

 Bad breath?
i just got friendly with this girl and she has a very bad breath and it embarasses me.what should I do?How should I tell her?...

 Something wrwong with my jaw, someone help please!?
i'm a teen and woke up this morning and now I'm feelling pain in my right side of my jaw when i open my mouth, if I lean or move my jaw to the left, opening my mouth is fine, but to the ...

 Im going too...?
im going to have braces and my friends says getting braces hurts a lot, Is this true?...

 Wisdom teeth removal using conscience sedation - can you feel anything during the procedure?
I am getting my wisdom tooth removed tomorrow and am terrified. Apparently there are three types of anaesthetics:

1 - Local anaesthesia (conscience sedation)
2 - Local anaesthesia ...

 How long do you have to wait to kiss after getting teeth pulled?
I got 1 wisdom tooth and 2 other teeth pulled yesterday at like 3PM. I have stitches but I was wondering how long do you have to wait to be able to start kissing and stuff like that or do you have to ...

 Why cant I have Gas at the Dentist anymore?I hate Injections and need an extraction but wont go.?

 Why is my mouth always dry?
Its not like a "i need to drink something" dry. Even when i do drink something its still dry. Its starting to cause me to not be able to talk right because of the dryness. I changed ...

 Tooth Pain?
I am having some pretty bad tooth pain on my lower left side. I have tried taking aleve, ibuprofen, but neither one has really helped. I have a dentist's appointment, but it's not for a ...

 Bad teeth help?
overbite,stained,one crooked tooth,horrible breath,and my gums bleed when I brush my teeth
Additional Details
both my parents have horrible teeth,and they don't seem to think my ...

 Who has fillings in their teeth?

 My dentist molested me????
I went in to have my Wisdom Teeth removed.

When I got home I was wearing women's thong panties....and before you get smart this IS NOT what I normally wear. I had on a pair of HANES ...

 What do you guys do when your teeth horribly hurt?

 Bleeding Gum....?
HELP! Everytime I brush my teeth my gum bleeds. I have gone to the dentist and he says its gum desease. He showed me how to brush my teeth etc...but it still bleeds. Does anyone have this problem? ...

 Bad Breath?
well whenever i cough or something these chunks of something come out of my throath and smell really bad! i know that this is the reason my breath stinks and i dont know what to do about it. any ...

 How long were you out of work for wisdom teeth?
Im taking a week. i am soooo scared (as u can tell by my questions)...

 What really causes tooth ache.?
some say sugary foods while others say cold water.is this really ...

Apx .how much can I expect to get for a gold tooth crown at a pawn shop?
My dentist said to go get money for it...is it worth doing that?

Dont you hate running out of crack?


Johnny Blaze
uhh dude, would you go and buy someone else's boxer underwear? why would you want some other freaks tooth crown in your mouth . anything you pay will be that much TOO much.

you must be ghetto trying to sell a gold crown! haha! did you get in a fight and find it on the ground?

you will probably only get a good laugh but no money.

depends on the purity and wight of the gold.

Pawnshops are a ripoff!!! They only give you 10% of what it's worth... Since gold is very expensive right now, my advice is for you to go to a coin dealer, they usually deal in gold and they will give you what your tooth is worth in weight... Good luck and don't get ripped off..

Who dat
haha. Not really much. You will get paid per oz of gold based on weight. and they do not weigh much. I know I have one. you can try it, but......

You would get something but need to know how much it weighs.

they'll first laugh @you! C'mon is your dentist an ediot??!! You should expect $0.00 dollars, this isn't a third world country where it has come down to selling your dental work out of your mouth!!

the gold is worth $20-40 usually.

LN has3 zjc
No, it is an amalgam and worthless.

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