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Anyone know the best thing to help an abscess on my gum go down?
I have got a dental appointment which is next friday but have just started to get an infection come up in my gums, does anyone have any advice as to how i can help this to go down without having to make another appointment before friday.
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P.s I have got to have root canal done on the tooth it is affecting.


Danielle H
You really need antibiotics to clear it up properly but there are things you can do to help with the pain. I've had quite a few abcesses in the past due to impacted wisdom teeth so I know how horribly painful they are. Try taking ibruprofen as these are anti-inflammitry and will help with the pain. Also get a mouthwash called Corsadyl, it is designed for gum problems, if you can't get Corsadyl try rinsing your mouth out with warm salty water. And if you can get bonjella, that really helps too. Hope this helps and that you're feeling a bit better soon.

michelle a
Doctors - anti biotics! Try local health food shop, they might have a solution

mix equal parts salt and baking soda then dab damp cotton wool in it then put between tooth and gum where the abscess is and leave overnight. this will draw the infection out and relieve u of the pain and swelling

i have had about four abcesses and the dentist will only see you if you walk in. I go in, explain i am in excruciating pain and they say he will be right with me. what i find helps with pain is iberprofen and the dentist says cold ice on your face but that really is uncomfortable so i use a warm herb bag which you put in the microwave hold it on your face-careful not to hot- and stay still. i feel so sorry for you!

gargle 2-3 times a day with warm water to which small amount of salt has been added, drink lot of water, avoid spicy food(only for few days!)

Gargle with Salt water

I would rinse with warm salt water solution to see if it would dry up and heal the gum. But a phone call first thing in the morning is in order!! If you have an infection, that will delay your treatment or removal of the tooth. He has to prescribe an antibiotic to clear out that infection. So, rinse for tonite....call him in the AM. Best wishes.

Use salt water to rinse your mouth out.

a dentist

Medicated mouth wash.
The one in the box that is red at the top half. it has a weird name.
Sorry can't remember what it's called but you shud be able to get it at major supermarkets as well as pharmacies.

An infection or boil or abcess, will need a course of antibiotics. and that is what the dentist will probaly prescribe you, before you and any serious dental work done, if needed. Good luck, hope all goes well.

Dreamer Child
You need to go to the dentist. That has happened to me before, and you do NOT want it to burst, or sit in your mouth too long. The poisons in it will leak into your bloodstream and make you very sick. You will need to have th tooth that it is under removed, because that means the tooth has decayed and is infected. In the meantime, try rinsing your mouth with listerine, WITH the alcohol. It MIGHT sting a bit (it didn't for me a few times) but you really need to do something about that. The listerine will keep it from worsening, and will kill some of the toxins. It worked for me. My dentist even said so. Give it a try?

Yes, I have one as we speak, gargle with peroxide about 4x's a day will help with that and pain.

Jon C
Mouthwash with alcohol will help, but not a much as a trip to the dentist, who will lance it, and give you antibiotics.

try a bicarb mouthwash, and rest

if u dont get some anti-biotics from your dentist and further treatment sorted out it will keep returning!!but in the mean time rince your mouth with warm salty water and take some anti inflammitorys!!ie iburprofen x

If you've got a dental abscess, you need antibiotics. You should, in theory, be able to get an emergency appointment with your dentist, and some GPs are pretty nice about it and might treat you (easier to get a GP appointment than a dental one!), but you'd still need follow-up with the dentist.

In the meantime, you can use simple analgesics for the pain - paracetamol, Ibuprofen (unless asthmatic/stomach ulcers), but unfortunately, the only way an abscess is going to get any better is with antibiotics - the sooner the better.

Ta ta for now.

if its an infection the dentist will give you a presciption for antibiotics to clear it before treatment. if its just an ulcer, try bonjela to sooth and reduce the swelling.

Mrs B
Oh dear. I suffered with a gum abscess about 3 years ago, and I have a great deal of pity for you. It's nasty; it hurts; there's no easy remedy either. In your shoes, I'd ring up my dentist immediately, explain the situation (that you have an appointment next but you now have a gum infection), and hopefully he'll be able to fit you in his diary for an earlier date. I suspect that he'll not want to do any other procedures before that infection has cleared up. A short course of antibiotics will be his first action.

In the meantime, you can help reduce the swelling by swishing very hot (not boiling, but as hot as you can tolerate) water with a lot of salt dissolved in it. It should be obnoxiously salty to the taste. Swish that solution around in your mouth, particularly where the infection is, and then spit out of the water. Repeat and repeat and repeat until you've empties the glass of salt water. Do this often; once an hour won't hurt and can only help. The hot salt water draws out the infection from your gums by osmosis.

This hot salt water method works, and it will help you a lot until your dentist can fit you into his diary.

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