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ali kamenero
After tooth extraction, can you so some excercise in the next 24 hours?

Pat R
Yes,why not,its only a tooth out,not major surgery.

Sarah S
of course you would be able to have your tooth extracted and then do exercise as long as you don't do a contact sport as your mouth will still be swollen from the process

Yes - but only light exercise and stop if you get dizzy. A few stretches or some sit-ups will be OK but a 2 mile run or a game of footy would be a dangerous risk.

the queen
sure but take it easy.... just be sure not to smoke..... you will get dry socket and that hurts big time!!!

I tend to agree with most of these answers.
It's a bad idea to uneccessarily increase your blood pressure after dental surgery. Plus, depending upon how traumatic the extraction was, you'll probably not feel like doing much anyway which is a good thing.

I'd leave it at least a couple of days cos you don't want to blow your clot and end up with a dry socket: That's a REALLY bad thing.


Exercise can increase your blood pressure and so may cause the socket to start bleeding again. It is a good idea to take it easy for 24 hours post extraction.

Iake it easy. What difference does 24-48hrs make? Walking around would be exercise enough.

Its best if you rest for the 24 hours after, its to do with the blood pumping, hope u don't get into to much pain x

You should avoid exercise for the first 24 hours after this you will be fine to continue.


Best not to for the first 24 hours.

I would avoid rigorous exercise for 24hours to leave the clot in socket settle and become more stable.. unnecessary pressure from exercise such as resistance training, gym work raises the B.P and puts strain on the clot.Have a rest for the rest of the day and night.. hope this helps a little, feel free to email if you've questions

Perhaps best to air on the side of caution as exercise encourages increased heart/pulmonary activity and therefore an increase in blood flow/pressure etc. This could in turn excaberbate bleeding from the wound especially if it is a Molar (i.e larger tooth). 24 Hours asn't very long!

Away With The Fairies
Probably best to take it easy. The increased blood flow wouldn't do you much good.

We always advise the patient to take it easy for the first 24 hours on just a simple extraction and longer for ones that are more difficult. You just don't want to do any activity that gets the blood pumping too hard and take the chance of the clot breaking loose, which could lead to a dry socket. The one thing that no one wants to suffer through after dealing with an extraction! Hope I've been of some help in answering your question, and good luck!

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