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After a tooth extraction, should I leave gauze in my mouth when I sleep?

No you might swallow it.

Dr. Arun
No No it is very risky & unwarranted. Wound after extraction heals within 10 minuites. While a sleep gauze can go to throat & choke you to death.

You should only use the gauze for a couple of hours, until the bleeding stops. If the bleeding does not stop consult your dentist or a doctor.

no, take it out!

PInky without perky!!
i wouldn't as you may ckoke on it during the night! rinse your mouth thoroughly with a salt water solution before you go to sleep and agin when you first wake up! in fact you should not need it in there for a long period anyway, just keep rinsing and it will help the hole stay clean and help it heal!!

I wouldn't,just keep the mouth clean by swishing salt water around and then spitting it out, this also helps heal the gums

no u might choke, take it out and if it starts bleeding again put it back in for about 20 mins then take out again, hope u feel better soon

i wouldn't you might choke

no you are fine now. rinse the day after with salt water.

the gauze should have been removed at the surgery when the bleeding had stopped...not only may it choke you but it is now a infection risk..remove it...and tomorrow start some hot salty mouthwashes

no, your suppose to change it every 30 min when needed till you have used 4 or 5 and the clot is there.

The 'Average Joe' bleeds anywhere from 1-3 hours after an extraction. Some people 'free bleeders'.. can bleed up to 24 hours, after an extraction. We dont know your case...
Leave the gauze in until you stop bleeding. Every 30 minutes, change the gauze out. NOW... if your doctor gave you pain meds and you took them and you fall asleep... Dont stress over it. It's no biggie, people do it all the time. Try to prop your head up though while sleeping. The likelyhood of you swallowing the gauze is close to none either way!

I was instructed to leave the gauze in for about an hour. The bleeding was done by then and it was fine to take it out. If your mouth is still bleeding I would leave in the gauze, otherwise take it out. If they are your wisdom teeth it would be longer though.

no you could choke. if you are still bleeding ask the doctor for advice as it should stop quite quickly.

not nec.the only thing that u to press the guage firmly over there for 1 hour and remove then

No, only until bleeding as stopped. 10- 15 mins.

no, take the gauze out. you only need to leave it in for a couple hours or untill the bleeding stops after having a tooth taken out. if its still bleeding when you are ready to go to bed, rinse with some warm salt water and see if that helps. if it continues to bleed, dont leave any gauze in your mouth, and just lie a towel across your pillow so you dont ruin your pillow. if it is still bleeding in the morning, you need to call your dentist. sometimes it takes a little longer for the bleeding to stop. also, try propping up your pillow a little higher, to elevate your head. i hope you feel better in the next couple days!

Nebula D
I'm a dentist.

No. You should never leave anything in your mouth like that for an extended period of time. It is a potential source of infection.

Sweet Cheeks
No. You should only leave the gauze in for an hour or 2. When the bleeding stops, take it out. You could swallow it & choke to death if you are sleeping.

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