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After a tooth extraction are you supposed to gargle with table salt or Epsom salt?

Joe M
Sac Salt!

i'm sure it is table- why didn't you ask the dentist?

Miss Mina
table salt and warm water

let it clot 1st no rinsing or brushing or hot soups or hot foods or chewy foods on day of extraction then next day slowly water in mouth to lightly swish with salt water lightly! no brushing.. if it kills u to the bonein a few days then u got dry socket infection and clot was lost out

neither -nor!!! The salty solution might prevent the wound from healing. Gargle with luke warm tea made from dried sage leaves ( you get them either in a pharmacy or health store), it helps to accelerate healing and to clean the wound.

1/4 tsp table salt per 1/2 cup water

Table salt only. Epsom salt should NOT be ingested.

Georgia Girl
Epsom salt is for soaking your tired muscles in the tub.Use salt water but don't get the water too hot or it will draw the blood out more.

As other people have said, table salt. Epsom salt is a powerful laxative!

warm salt water. table salt!

i just got my wisdom teeth pulled out and my dentist told me not to gargle at all, and not to spit.


alittle warm water and TABLE salt. Didnt you pay attention at the dentist! goodness...lol...j/k

Capn Jon
Table salt and warm water.

table salt and warm water.

table salt but your suppose to wait 1 1/2 days cause you don't want to disturb the scab and create a dry socket (lots of pain )

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