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What is the best thing to use on a steam burn? Is ice or butter OK?

burn spray.... ice will jus make it worst.... n i dont kno about butter

No and no. Both will make it WORSE.

Apple cider vinegar soaked paper towel is great. Just hold it on there and keep reapplying the vinegar. Smells awful, but your skin will thank you.

first ice ( don't rub it) for 30 or 40 seconds.

dry gently (patting, not rubbing) , then apply A and D ointment - gently

Ice water for the first bit and then cooling cream hours later. You want to avoid putting any sort of salve on the wound for several hours (unless it is specially formulated) because the salve can hold in the heat, rather than letting it release (as it would in ice water).


NEVER NEVER NEVER put butter on a burn. The second or as soon as possible you get the burn put it under the cold water facaut. Steam is the hotest fastest burn you can get. It burns DEEP, fast. and continues to burn till it cools. The purposs of putting it under cold water faucet is it is faster to get to then getting into the freezer and getting ice. The pooint is to quickly cool it down. And get to ER. Even if it is a small burn, it can be much deeper then you think. Can cause nerve and musel damage.
Butter does not cool it down and holds in bactieria that could be around the burn sight.

When we get burned, the flesh continues to burn untill it cools.

I have been cpr certified.


When a burn happens the affected area should be put under the cold running water for at lest ten minutes. After that the wound should be covered by sterile gauze or bandage. Sometimes it is good to use some antibiotic cream but it is not necessary. If the burn is more serious the affected person should ask for medical care.

burn degrees:

First degree burns are the least serious. They usually appear red, perhaps with a bit of white and only go through the epidermis layer of skin. These don’t usually require medical treatment.

Second degree burns are more serious. They are usually characterized by the formation of blisters. In most cases, the blisters should not be broken, to prevent an open sore which is prone to infection. However, if the fluid in the burn ceases to be clear and turns cloudy, rust-colored, etc, it can be a sign that the burn is already infected. In case of infection, medical attention may be required. These burns may actually be less painful than the first degree, depending if nerve damage has occurred. This burn goes through the epidermis into the dermis layer of the skin.

With a third degree burn, the skin usually chars. There may be a purplish fluid drain from the burn. These burns typically involve nerve damage and are usually less painful. They may require that the dead skin be removed (debriding). These burns should be medically treated.

While you didn’t ask, there are three other burn classifications. Those classifications are used when the burn goes past the skin, affecting muscles and/or bones. Fourth degree burns are those where skin is permanently lost. These require skin grafts. The fifth degree burns result in permanent loss of muscle. The sixth degree burns are those where the bones are actually charred. These three classifications definitely require medical attendtion.

Ice, lots of it. Take an anti-inflammatory, too. Ice as long as it takes for the burning sensation to stop when the ice is removed. Remember to put something between the ice and your skin so you don't freeze the skin and damage it further.

Treating burns with butter is an old wives tale.

Ice, ice, baby!

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