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Wife was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and we do not have health insurance. Any options to get some?
I left my position with a company in 11/05 to work as a consultant on a very large, long-term engagement. The headhunter indicated that after 6-months, I'd likely be considered for permanent hire, but I now know that is open-ended in reality. In 11/05 we rolled the dice and opted not to get insurance in the interim. Alas, my wife has now been diagnosed with breast cancer. It is early, so her propects are good, but will require surgery. The surgery, hospital stay and follow-up care will be extremely expensive, so we're searching for ways to alleviate the financial impact as best we can. The insurance carriers we have contacted will not cover "pre-existing conditions", so that includes us. So we're not sure what alternatives we have, if any, besides paying all of the expenses out of pocket. We're willing to have a very high deductible and pay a larger than normal percentage of the medical fees if necessary as long as the coverage is immediate. We reside in New Jersey.

Wow, I am so sorry. May I suggest to you Ameri Plan. They do not have any restrictions on pre-existing conditions and you can start saving immediately. There is a hospital advocacy program that assigns you a personal advocate to negotiate with doctors on your medical bills.

After doing a quick search there are nearly 2,000 facilities in New Jersey that are on our network.

The plan also includes savings on dental, vision, prescription and chiropractic care. I'd check them out. I'm so proud to be with them. I know I shouldn't advertise, but your need sounds great. Let me know if you have any questions. wlakin@ameriplan.net



Actually there is no good news to this situation. I have been working in the insurance business for 12 years. No insurance company will take you with a pre existing condition. I have tried to look and everyones answer is no.

Maybe there is an option of taking a 2nd mortgage on the home to eat some of the medical cost.

I do know that doctors cannot refuse to treat. But they are going to charge hefty for it.

Good luck and know that our prayers are with you and your wife.

I'm so sorry for what you're going through. I don't believe you can qualify for health insurance at this time. What about Medicaid? If you don't qualify for that, maybe that office can direct you to where you can get some help.

Good Luck

Ask the hospital for help. Most have grants that they give out. If not, the social worker employed by the hospital can help you figure something out. They key is to ask.

i have breast cancer myself 2 .. has you wife ever worked..even if she dident work she can contact the social security office and see if they can help.. she can also contact the dept of health and human resourses see if they can help..you can contact www. american cancer society and see what they can do .all the treatments and after care is very very expensive..the masectomy bras just for one is 175.dollars each..then its based on the spread if she will have to have chemo , and radation,,im having a chemo thats called herception it is 5,000 dollars a treatment and i have to have it for one year... i have had 9 months of the other kind of chemo, then surgery,then radation i have just finished, now 1 year of another chemo ...all and all everthing is very expensive,,,i hope the best for you and your wife ... the doctors told me its not when the cancer will come back its where it comes back that matters..once you have cancer it allways comes back.. its caused a lot of people to have to file bank rupt just trying to get proper treatment...check out what i told you and see if any of those can help you ..

Ryans Mom
Contact a Social Worker or your doctors office. They may be able to make some suggestions. Your hospital may be able to help. Ask to speak to the Financial Assistance Department. Some hospitals offer much cheaper meds if you financially qualify. Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare/Part B may be able to help also. My thoughts and prayers are with you both.

first you both are in my prayers and your wife will be fine.
i live in Vermont and they have this insurance here called "ladies first" it helps women with health expenses maybe you can find something like that in Jersey call you state health dept to they may have some ideas for you.
good luck!

That is what health insurance is for "in case" you get sick. Now is the wrong time to be shopping for it. I am sorry for your situation, however. It does not seem fair.

If your income is low enough and you do not have enough assets, you may qualify for medicaid in your state, with a high deductible, or what's called a "spend-down". Your wife can go on soc. security disability, and qualify for Medicare, but this takes a long time, and she needs to act ASAP.

At the hospital where I used to work, we had a clinic for patients with no insurance. Any procedures, surgeries, etc. they had were charged on an "able-to-pay" basis. This clinic was for patients without insurance who did not qualify for Medicaid. It was a Catholic hospital. I imagine a lot of religious-based hospitals have a similar program. Actually, most hospitals have clinics. Call the major medical center near you, and explain the situation. Also, you may find a compassionate surgeon who will waive his fee, but it's the hospital and anesthesia bill that is quite expensive.

I know of a health care savings program that can save 30-50% depending on the services needed. It is not insurance but a savings program so you will qualify. I do not want people to think this is solicitation or advertising so getting more info I am leaving for you to contact me.

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