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 I accidentally scrathed a mole and it started bleeding. Is this potentially dangerous?

Additional Details
ive had this since i was a baby and its not a STI wart, its a mole(somebody mentioned that in their answer). I jujst wana know if other pple have scrathed their moles ...

 Has anyone ever had or know someone who has had Thyroid Cancer?
I am only 35 and my ENT wants to do a Biopsy in two weeks to see if a Nodual on the right side of my Thyroid is cancerous. There is no history of this in my family.... but I am still worried sick. I ...

 Would like to know who is considered the top doctor and hospital/treatment center for kidney cancer in the US?
Just diagnosed with kidney cancer and I am trying to seek and obtain information about the best doctors and hospitals/treatment centers that are available in the U.S.?...

 Why are so many people starting to smoke?
My Mom used to smoke, but she stopped 5-6n onths ago. Why do people always try it for the first time if they know it's bad for you and they'll get addicted?I know that they think it's ...

 Chemotherapy question?
The doctors are saying that 1 treatment and 3 weeks off for 12 weeks (total of 3 treatments) won't make you too sick to work. Is this true? I thought chemotherapy in general made you sick.

 If u once was in love with someone, can that love come back for that person after time?

 What causes cancer?

 What do I write to a friend who just was diagnosed with breast cancer?
A friend called me to let me know that another friend was diagnosed with breast cancer and that she was recovering right now at home. I would like to send a card and say something nice...I can not ...

 Can cancer be detected in the body just by a blood test?

 Morphine hunhhh?
what is the highest doseage of morphine? my friend says 500mg but i know that would kill you ?...

 Do Hickeys cause cancer, because there is this person at my school that says they do?
Yeah this guys moms boyfriend says that hickeys cause cancer if you get one more than once. I really need to know because my boyfriend gave me my first one, and I am scared to find out because I want ...

 Does eating from a Bbq. cause cancer ?
I keep getting differing ...

 I have a friend with cancer and no insurance are there any Grants, programs or assistance?
The doctors will not treat her unless she can come up with $50,000.00 to start treatments. She has and very aggresive cancer and needs treatment ASAP....

 Has anyone seen this or know if its true? a cure for cancer?
this is the address page for the article on it.


 OMG!! is it true?
Hey I heard that cancer like skips a generation and goes to the next and my grandmother had cancer and died and my mom got it and if thats true does that mean I have a higher chance of getting cancer?...

 A cure for cancer?
Do you think the government has a cure for cancer, but is keeping it away from us? (if you are an expert, tell me so) What are your opinions for this topic?...give websites to where i can find expert ...

 This question requires lots of thoughts and advise, so think before you answer....?
O.K....here goes...Please, by all means, If you have a negative response, don't reply..My mother had x-rays done by our family doctor, because he thought she had phenomia..the x-rays showed dark ...

 To some people, can getting Cancer actually be a gift?
I don't mean any disrespect by this question.

It seems to me, and I have seen this with family members, that people struck with Cancer can sometimes adopt the most positive outlook on ...

 Does asbestos cause cancer?
How dangerous is it?...

 My brain & memory aren't right since chemo. I am only 39 & I constantly have to make notes to myself?
or I will forget, this of course incl. at work. Last night, very tired, making tea & forgot the water on the stove on low temp. This is now very concerning to me, what can I do to improve this??...

Michael R
Why has only 1 United States President died from cancer?
From my research only Ulysses S Grant has died from cancer. Statistically out of 43 presidents we should have had at least 13 presidents die from cancer.

Jer$ey Girl
It could be very well on diseases that people don't know what they have and they need a check-up for that.

Believe me man, those guys ain't fully human. Kinda like half human, half alien reptilian. No joke.

If you are dealing with statistics, you should know that the sampling size of 43 is too small to draw good data from.

President Reagen had cancer; he had surgery while in the White House to remove it. They get really good health care. You either get more cancer with really good health care or less. Go figure.

persian Bruda
caus their darn rich

It's a conspiracy!

because only one president had cancer.

uncle billy
because the rich man in the U.S. gets great medical.

Who cares?!

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