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Im in a situation similar to this. I have stage 4 cancer. I might have more then 6 months I might have less.

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 Cancer cure?
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 My mother was just diagnosed with breast cancer. will it be painfull for her?

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Lump in 6yr old son neck?
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 Do you smoke cigaretes and if so how many??

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 My dad died 3.5 years ago now. I still cry and miss him loads and can't get over the loss. Any advice?
He died of prostate cancer, slowly and agonisingly, as with is the case with many cancers. I want him back so badly I somethimes don't know what to do with myself. I know it's ...

Oh I hate it...with the passion, when i started. there was no warnings, i may have started when the product was at it's worse. I know the GOV make millions off of this, so I know I can never do ...

 If my father has already been diagnosed with cancer, can I still find life insurance to cover him.?

Why does it seem like more and more people are getting cancer?
How many people do you know who have recently gotten cancer or have had cancer and lived or died from it? Doesn't seem that more and more people are getting it now? If so, what do you attribute this to?

Lifestyle nowadays are not heathly compare to the oldays since we are exposed to an unhealthy environment,unhealthy food, and living under pressures.As what I know all of us got cancer cells,it just a matter whether there are more or less and it will be triggered once lifestyle goes wrong...(",)

I believe the rise in cancer comes from poor lifestyles like eating too much of the bad food, smoking, drinking alcohol to excess and not exercising. Then we live in a very polluted world. For too many years we have trashed this earth with fossil fuel pollution, filling landfills with plastics that will never biodegrade and dumped toxic chemicals into our rivers and lakes. I live in upper MI and I know too many people that have died from all kinds of cancer and some who have survived cancer.

Because there are more people getting cancer, I heard it replaced heart disease as the number one killer. As to why the list is endless, from artificial sweeteners to personal care products to cleaning products to air fresheners. These products all contain chemicals that can pollute your body and cause cancer. At least the ones at the grocery store. It is easy to patented a chemical and put a trade mark on it but to make a quality product from natural, safe sources costs time and money unlike cheap chemicals. It is all about the bottom line not the consumers well being. I know 2 chemical engineers that have have told me about this problem, they could not justify the benefits for the risks.

Patty T
I don't know why so many people are getting cancer, I've lost 3 class mates in the last 4 years. Just lost a class mate last week.
I was diagnosed the last of April with advanced colon cancer myself. I'm not afraid. Jesus is my Savior, and I am in very good hands. I don't know why, I just know that people are taking advantage of all the wrong things. Fulfillment of self and worldly
enticements mean so much more to this poor world than a
good happy spirit and peace of mind. The sad part is people don't believe in God and won't find out the truth until it's too late.
That to me is so very sad. I've got more peace in my heart right now than should be humanly aloud to possess. I feel sad for everyone else. It's so very sad Jesus said, "They didn't believe me, they won't believe you either." He's right you know, people
have more important things to do than be bothered with someone who really wants to love them. Ironic He died for us all.

dingle b
because there are more and more vaccines and more pollution.

Media news reporting is faster, so we here more about diseases and deaths. There are newer theories concerning cancer as a gene we all carry but succumb to it via different stressors. As well as hearing more news about diseases we are also living longer
and our expectation of longevity is changing to align with the prophets of old--- to be that- they shall live to be over 130, any who do not live to be 130 will be thought of as cursed. Just my thoughts to answer.

There are more people, so the percentage will go up. More people are more aware of it as more talk about it.
Certain cancers like Breast is now 1 in 8 in the 80's it was 1 in 13 and the women are much younger. Yet we are only finding 20 % of the tumor unlike many European countries that find 80%.
But then we are 37 in the world in Health care and we pay 4 times on the average more. Scary.

better medical diagnosis procedures.

My husband was diagnosed March 20th passed June 6th No symptoms

Cancer is a hereditary illness. However, during our ancestors time, modern technology is not yet available, but many of them have cancer which was undiagnosed until the day they died. Today, with the advent of modern technology and the annual Physical Examination required of workers, increasing number of cancer had been detected. With the posters about cancer, some of us get educated and wants to have themselves examined!

James H
Cancer can be caused by just about everything these days. But this has been true since the beginning... It only seems like there are more cases of cancer now because we are better equipped to identify cancer now thus there are more documented cases being reported.

I don't think it's so much the fact that more people are getting cancer but, the fact that there is better diagnosis, awareness of what cancer is and the types along with communication technology you are more informed about the occurances of it.

_.:+ 3S4 6U3R4 +:._
My mom had cancer.... thank God she survived b'kuz w/out her, there's nothing else for me!
I have a lot of far relatives that had cancer and died... my aunt also had cancer and luckily she survived! A lot of my relatives have/had cancer... and those are only my relatives... imagine in the whole world!!??!
Well... more and more people are existing so more of everything is appearing!
Yup, it seems like more and more people are getting cancer. But there is no certain cure for cancer! Doctors don't know what is the cure for cancer... they just know that quemotherapy and radiations can [[ IF THEY'RE LUCKY ]] cure it, but otherwise they don't know the exact cure for it!

Liveing longer, yep not that long ago you would be dead at 55 so the chance of getting cancer was less since you would be dead from some thing els.

Also better medical diagnosis procedures to find the cancer is the first palce, how many of these poeple did they find the cancer before they knew something was wrong.

Yes it does seem so. why?
- media echoing cases - makes it look big
- better diagnostic skills - you would not have known about it may be only two days before your death but now you know it earlier and you have 5 years to live. Hence you increase statistics by one over these extra years ... (lead time bias)
- increasing awareness - people go for checkup regularly (we all want to prevent any preventable cancers..)
- increasing population size - more people prone. i.e. hereditary cancers.......
- lifestyle changes - some may be good some may cause problems. e.g. stress - can be the root of many illness even cancers
- Genetics: Some inbuilt traits in us was good for our ancestors lifestyle but not for us. It promotes sickness and disease. Also genetic is changing - some may make us more prone to cancer
-Environmental changes: industrialized era means more carcinogenic waste product and ...

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