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★ ॐ ★
Why do people with cancer often lose their hair?
is there a reason?
does it have to do with the immune system bieng down?

Its the Chemotherapy. No, the immune system has nothing to do with it. The treatment that people with cancer get has something in it which causes hair loss unfortunately.

Bout Merde
Kimo Therapy causes hair loss.

Curios G
The radiation treatments that help kill cancer cells ends up killing good cells as well ,including the ones that help you keep your hair.

Chemo therapy destroys good cells in addition to the bad cells it's intended to target. Off the record, you'd think with all the technology out there this day in age, that the cancerous cells could be systematically eliminated without affecting the cancer patient--making them nauseous. Unfortunately its not to be...


:) Lucy (:
It isn't the cancer, its the chemotherapy that does that. Have a look at this see if that explains it for you: http://www.chemocare.com/managing/hair_loss_and_chemotherapy.asp

How hard is it to spell Chemo? C-H-E-M-O.

No, chemotherapy it's the cause

It is from the chemotherapy

It's the chemo. The anti-cancer drugs in chemotherapy are so strong and powerful that they destroy the healthy cells in addition to the cancer cells, which causes side effects (ie: hair falling out).


Chemotherapy. Its a side affect.

♫►Phillipians 4:13◄♫
It's the kemo and the radiation treatment that makes their hair fall out.

It is usually the KEMO
That causes the hair loss.

The treatments are rough.

My grandlmother lost most hair when she got her treatments.
VS hardly any problems before.



It is because of the cancer treament, radiation is done to kill the cancer cells from spreading but it also effects other cells in the body from growing and producing. (Including the immune system) Hair is dead cells already, but when the roots die or are weakend the hair will just fall out.

Yagen P
It's usually the chemotherapy causing it. Most chemotherapy medicines attack all cells undergoing growth (mitosis), and hair cells are one of those things that grow a lot. So when chemotherapy medicine is in the body, the hair cells can't grow properly. Hence the hair falling out.

Cancer paitents don't loose there hair untill they start the kemo treatments... So its not the cancer that is causing the hair loss..

it's b/c of chemo

Many of the older and therefore standard chemotherapy drugs kill any cell that is growing fast. Cancer cells lose the ability to stop growing . . almost all normal cells automatically stop growing once an organ is complete. But cancer cells have mutated and will grow indefinitely. Chemotherapy operates on that idea . . kill any cell that is growing. There are a few normal cells in the intestinal track that grow . . and hair cells also grow normally. The chemotherapy cannot tell the difference between a normally growing cell and a cancerous cell . . and both are killed. A patient will temporarily lose all their hair while undergoing chemotherapy. Once the chemo stops the hair will grow back.

Not all chemo makes a patient lose their hair . .in some cases it will turn the hair white or grey . . but that isn't as noticable.

They lose their hair from chemotherapy, im not exactly sure why

Chemotherapy, which kills not just cancer cells but the cells that create hair growth.

Just My Opinion :)
its not the cancer its the Chemo therapy because once you start it, it kills ALL your cells to help you get better unfortunatley it cannot tell the bad cells from the good ones ( like your cells that meke your hair grow) so when it kills all your cells you lose your hair, its just part of getting better but hey who cares i would rather lose my hair 100 times before i lose my life...besides once they get better and they no longer need there chemo there cells go back to normal and there hair starts growing back =) so its not permantley only while there on there chemo

Because most go trough chemotherapy (or radiation treatment) and this poisons your body and makes most peoples hair fall out.

they don't lose it because of cancer. They lose it because of the medicine given to treat cancer like Chemotherapy.

Man who would be DEAD
NO silly it is from the TREATMENT the DRUGS that are given to them ........called CHEMOTHERAPY which means POISON that they give them that KILLS the CANCER CELLS and along with it many GOOD CELLS. Including those that have to do with FULL HEADS OF HAIR
But as soon as they are DONE with the CHEMOTHERAPY the HAIR GROWS BACK

John S
chemotherapy kills rapidly dividing cells. Hair formation requires rapidly dividing cells, therefore the chemo stops hair from growing and the h air loses its strength and falls out.

janet h
it is from the chemo therapy....not the cancer itself.


how many people wanna spell chemo wrong?

Chemotherapy. Its a side affect.

zombie stomper
it isnt the cancer its the kemo

Gary D
The Chemotherapy damages the cells that produce hair (everywhere on the body...not just the head) and causes it to fall out. When they stop taking the chemotherapy drugs, then the hair will usually grow back again. This is especially common when the chemotherapy includes radioactive drug therapy. Hair loss is a common side-effect of radiation exposure.

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