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 My mom has breast cancer.When i found out i got really depressed. Please i need some tips?

 My mom just had operation 4 braincancer but her brain is swelling. Is this a critical condition?
This is her 2nd time of removing the tumour. She looked great in the operation last time. But this time is different. Her blood pressure keeps increasing after the operation. BP is 200/ 150. I just ...

 Have you ever had cancer or known someone with cancer?
I have .... I used to have leukemia and lots of my family have died through cancer....

 Beside wearing sunscreen,how can u prevent skin cancer?

 How long can someone live with leukemia?

 What's a logical reason for not receiving treatment for cancer?
I'm supposed to be writing a one-act for my theatre class for our finals and he said he'd give extra points if we made it about cancer and submitted it to this contest thingy. I've got ...

 How can we stop people from smoking cigarrets, Do you think stop planting tobacco will help them to stopsmokin

 My father died froma brain tumor 2 weeks ago and weird thing are happening. Good weird things that is...?
I keep feeling like my dad is visiting in the middle of the night. He always told me hummingbirds were good luck and now I have seen several this week. Also he is turning the music on in the middle ...

 Doe Alcohol consumption lead to any type of cancer?

 My mums found a lump?
at the side of her breast. shes got the doctors on monday and is terrified. its the size of a grape and shes complaining of it being sore wen she moves. my sister says it may just b a cist. has any1 ...

 Please pray for my Moms friend. Please only serious people?
Please Pray for the Health of Ginene, we need a miracle i think though,, I am almost crying typing this

She is only 37 My mother and Ginene, have bowled together since i was a toddler........

 Should i give up now?
Hi, i'm 14 I smoke and everyone keeps telling me to stop, i don't want to and i'm not sure what to do! Any ideas?...

 My Mom has Lung Cancer. What should I do?
I know that I will be there for her. but she is the only "real" person in my life. I'm an only child, so the thought of losing her is VERY PAINFUL. My so called friends are nowhere ...

 Breast cancer at 15 years old?
I brought home a brochure on breast cancer by chance one day. And did a self check. I found a mass. abuot the size of an average woman's uppermost digit of a pointer finger. It's oval in ...

 Is there any chance of getting cancer because of dry cough?

 If someone keeps getting thinner & thinner day by day, could that be a sign of cancer?
My grandmother has been smoking for years & still does. But she keeps getting thinner & thinner day by day no matter what or how much she eats. I was wondering if that could be a sign of a ...

 What should a person with lung cancer do if not chemo or surgery?
Don't have details yet as to staging, etc....but don't think could withstand chemo. Any alternatives successsful?...

 My very best friend has been diagnosed with Stage ll breast cancer. What can I expect?
I've done some research and with this cancer also being in her lymph nodes would like more understanding than what I'm reading.
She's informed me of some info and is still in the ...

 Do you think that scientists will ever find a cure to cancer in the future?
Think about it, 200 years ago flying probably sounded crazy and know every minute a plane takes off. We came a far way from electricity and technology. The cure could be closer than you think....

 I have lost interest in people and stuff i dont go anywhere i sleep alot and im always alone ..?
have lost interest in people and stuff i dont go anywhere i sleep alot and im always alone and i have sharp pains alot all over my body.....

Why do people love to do things that they know they are going to die from it?
For example my aunty knows that she is going to die if she keep smoking but she still.

Shelby P
they know they are going to die so they do what they want to until that day. they'll regret it 1 day though

In the case of smoking, the bad stuff that will happen to you is many years away and thus they just don't worry about it today. The closer in time the event comes the more likely a person will be motivated to stop. For many they beleive they will be one of the few that never have any visible problems with smoking (e.g. if I told you the next cigarette you smoked would kill you, most would stop.) Proximity to good or bad consequences and liklihood of the event occuring drives all human behavior! Good luck

Linda G
[cigarettes of times they think it cant happen to me. my husband has throat and he didn't think it could happen to him. i think they should me outlawed.cigarettes

Tiffany A
They say they know they are going to die from it but I don't think it really hits them. I smoked for a while and I always knew it was a possibility but it just seems so unreal, like it will happen to other people not me. Time also sneaks up on you when you smoke. You think I'll have to do this for 20 years before I get cancer. I thought it was no big deal for me and I hadn't done it for that long, but I stopped and thought about it and I had been smoking on and off for 7 years! That's when I was like, screw this. You have to have something tangible and think short term to help you quit. Like the cost of cigarrettes plus everyone around you that says you stink. That's why I quit, but I'm sure I will live much longer too.

usually they start off doing whatever it is for just a quick fun thing to do or they are pressured to try it and then it all turns into an addiction which then is hard to break...sadly enough i smoke and wish i never had but its too hard to quit right now as ive tried several times unsucessfully...some peoples wills are stronger than others

sorry, its not love but addiction. the good feeling an addict gets from the substance is euphoria, that is the mental part of addiction. then you have the physical part of addiction where the body needs the substance or go into withdrawal

there are people who wants to do what ever they like in this life because they know they don't have an other one

I had a mother who died from lung cancer,but yet I still smoke two packs of cigarettes a day.My breathing is not what it should be but yet I continue to smoke.Why?It is kinda like someone who is over weight eating fast food all the time.I guess once you finally get to the point where your health can't take no more maybe that's when.(that is when my mother quit.)But it's to late then.

It's sad. I guess because they believe they're going to die anyway and they might as well die the way they want to.

Cause she's gonna die anyway and would rather die happy.

It's a mix of things really. Cigarettes are like any other drug - they are addictive so people who smoke HAVE to smoke unless they find the will power within themselves to give up. Addicts have to WANT to give up and addicts find that hard to do especially if they don't have the right help. If tobacco had been discovered in modern times it would be a banned substance but it was discovered in the days when the harm it did wasn't known.

I've known a few people who died of smoking related cancers. One man I knew who smoked a lot, died of lung cancer. He got really sick and carried a small pot with him around the house so that everytime he coughed up blood spattered mucus he could spit into that. It was disgusting and he hated doing it but by then he was dying anyway and he was an addict.

So, even though people know something isn't good for them, they'll still do it especially if the thing they're doing is addictive. The best we can hope is that people and children especially don't take up the addictive habits in the first place.

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