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Am I too young to have breast cancer?
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 Would you please consider praying for a friend of mine who is dying from cancer?
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I have known this man for more then 20 years time and we have become very close as of late. He was ...

Why do people have to cut their hair when they have cancer?
i wanna know why!!!!!!!!!!!!

UR SO DUMB!!! they dont get it cut off and not all people that have been diagnosed with cancer have their fall out its due to chemo thearpy.

they arent forced to but they do that because when undergoing chemotjerapy the patient's hair starts whithering or falling down so better than seeing your hair faling down in public its cut immidiatly

people don't cut there hair. they lose while they are going through kemo and radiation.

because when they take chemo your hair falls out in a large clumps and then they have hardly any hair left so they cut it off.

Beacause chemo therapy and radiation make your hair fall out. You look better with out hair than with clumps here and there

The Chemotherapy makes it fall out

My mom cut hers when it first started coming out, so it wouldn't be such a big difference when it was all gone.

cynthia h
I cut my hair when I had cancer!!!! I had thyroid cancer and had a radiation pill....the hyponess of being without a thryoid until the synthetic meds kicked in made my hair start to act crazy and get super thin....I had to deal with cancer! so who gives a **** about hair? I CUT IT OFF! I felt like I joined a club...showed my battle scars and stopped worrying about stupid things.

I had to get mine cut because it tangled in the 44 session radiation treatment machine.

Within about 2-3 weeks of being given chemotherapy, your hair begins to fall out and make a big mess everywhere. It doesnt all drop out at once, but over a period of time until it is all gone. It falls out in chunks and clogs the shower drain and makes a mess on pillow cases and clogs the vacume cleaner, gets all over the furniture.
Chemotherapy patients cut and shave their hair to prevent the mess of hair falling out everywhere.

Some chemo drugs make your hair fall out. Some people either get it cut short or shave their heads in preparation of this happening. It is a lot of hair.

judith l
they dont cut their hair. it falls out because their having chemotherapy.

I shaved my son's head when the hair started falling out because he said his whole scalp hurt. His hair wasn't very long to begin with and it would catch on his pillow case and it became too painful for him.

They don't HAVE to but if they are going to be going through chemotherapy, they will likely lose most if not all of their hair anyway. It comes out in clumps and can get pretty patchy looking. Cutting the hair or shaving it off just makes it look a bit better.

Lisa B
It's not that they cut their hair, but when they recieve radiation treatments the hair falls our. So, many people priors to having huge clumps fall out, will cut their hair very shorts, or just shave their head in anticipation of losing all their hair during treatment.

Adam C
They don't cut their hair - the chemotherapy treatment which is used to help cancer causes the hair to fall out.

They don't have to cut it but many choose to. If the hair is shorter and thinner then there is less weight so it may not fall out whilst having chemotherapy. If you choose to have it cut then it is easier than having it fall out onto your pillow or something. Chemotherapy also causes it to fall out in clumps so if you have it cut then it often looks better (no bald patches with hair around them).
Hope this clears it up for you.

They don't! The chemotherapy treatments make it fall out.

quemo will make it all fall out, sometimes it easier shaving it at your own terms then watch it fall out and remind u of how sick u are

Chemotherapy can cause the hair to fall out or break off close to the scalp. People cut their hair becuase it's a mess. They shave their heads because it's coming out in clumps anyway. They don't even have to shave their heads, as the chemo does a good job of causing that to happen anyway.

We don't cut our hair because we have cancer. We cut our hair because of the chemo. The majority of chemo-therapies kill the hair follicles as well and in doing so our hair falls out. I found it better to shave my hair all off before the chemo took it. It saves a lot of grief and mess of hair all over.

Hair grows back after treatment is over.

They don't have to. The majority of chemotherapy regimes cause hair loss, and there are a number of reasons why cutting your hair very short or shaving your head is a good idea.

First, it is more comfortable; as your hair is about to fall out your scalp becomes tender and sore - the shorter your hair, the less uncomfortable this is.

When your hair starts to come out it gets everywhere, but EVERYWHERE - in your food, on your furniture, on your clothes, in your mouth; cutting or shaving avoids this mess.

And many people find it more dignified to just cut their hair or shave their head rather than having bald patches and clumps of hair all over their head

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