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Whenever a person died from aids cancer etc do you have to elbalm the body?
and whenever a mortician used tools from a person with a diseases like aids, cancer, etc. can u reuse the tools or do you have to throw them away?

yes they are embalmed but why should anyone care if the tools are reused. Its not like they are going to get up off the table and come to life again.

yes, they still have to be embombed. All tools used are sterile, so I would assume they are new tools every time, the way a surgen uses new tools every time

All body's are imbalmed .

embalming is not necessary. It is done for cosmetic reasons believe it or not. When someone dies from aids they tend to advise cremation. and embalming is not done to a body that is going to be cremated the body becomes a explosion risk

No, my wife died from cancer and she was cremated without being embalmed. Embalming is a con that the funeral industry uses to steal our money.

The bodies still have to be embalmed. It's to preserve the body to prevent decomposing. They probably sterilize the tools. Throwing them away might be a little extreme since they are only going to be used on the deceased. The worst possible thing has already occurred.The only people that could be possibly infected are the morticians. They use surgical gloves.

No, it is not necessary. This does not pass on to others outside of the body.

Embalming is NOT required by any state law (USA). The is listed under the Federal Trade Commission that no state can require embalming. Embalming is entirely up to the family regardless of the cause of death. No one can be forced to be embalmed or not be embalmed based on what they died from. After embalming, regardless of what they died from, we clean the instruments with a disinfectant and reuse them, there is no need to throw them away.

As for the answer above that bodies that are embalmed cannot be cremated because of explosion risk?!?!? I have no clue where she got that, but it is incorrect. I cremate embalmed people on a daily basis.

Deirdre H
In most states, embalming is only necessary, I believe, if the body is going to be displayed, or if cremation or burial is to be delayed.

Each state does have different rules, so you need to check there.

Tools do not have to be disposed of. An autoclave (sterilizer) is used to clean them. A deceased person cannot get sick, so there is no transmission of illness. The greatest danger would be if the embalmer were to injure himself with a contaminated tool.

There is no definte rule to ask the bodies of AIDs patient to be embalmed. . Read the following -
"There is no State law that can require a funeral director to accept the body of a person with AIDS. Embalming also is not required by law. While some funeral establishments have refused to accept AIDS victims, there are sufficient firms available which will do so. Names of firms accepting AIDS victims are available through regional AIDS task forces."

The above is in case of AIDS death, which is a contagious disease, whereas Cancer of any kind is NOT AT ALL CONTATIOUS. So, it is not required to be embalmed before burial. -

In short for death by both disease embalming of the body is not legally required -

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