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cuzn deb
What should a person do when their doctors say "there nothing else we can do for you" ?

Additional Details
thanks everyone for your sincere responses . This question is a legitament one . My very most loved cousin was diagnosed with colon cancer it was stage three when discovered ,he is 45 years old newly wed of three years with a 1 years old child . He's not a smoker or a drug user and he's always made healthy choices concerning the type of food he ate . He's worked hard and he respects his parents family and friends . I've always refered to him as a no nonsense kind of guy .I'm lookin for anything that could help him , our family is in a stste of shock because he was always been so health concious .

William R
Its always OK to get another opinion. Be sure to validate that opinion with a doctor you trust. There are plenty of people out there who will be willing to take your money who really don't have much to offer. What really counts is your relationship with God. If you haven't already, ask Jesus into your life.

yeh get a second opinion and don't loose hope, battle

Get a second opinon, if they say the same thing. Then i suggest living your life to the fullest. Such as mending broken relationships, visiting areas you wanted to visit but havent had time to, spending quality time with your family.

About Cancer Guide
Definitely get a second opinion and seek out alternative therapies. You can look into traditional chinese medicine. I know some patients who do find help through alternive and complimentary medicine.

theres a site i recommend you go to www.cancerx.com this will give you hope plus please go to www.thyselfbehealed.com theres amazing successful outcomes of people being stricken with cancer. doctors will not tell you about the blood root and tumor x paste. go research these sites and good luck

Bo Darville
Enjoy the rest of the time you have here.Party like there is no tomorrow!!!

I'd get another opinion for sure. Also, ask for clinical trials that are going on. Many doctors don't always offer them.

get a second opinion and if it is the case get your will together and other affairs and enjoy the time u have left

Ask him how much he will charge to nurse u back 2 full health or ask if God will take u into his kingdom

get a second opinion, even a third if need be. Subsequent to this, live each day as if it were your last!

Depends on how bad the nothing is. For example if you broke your toe then you are going to limp for a few weeks. If it means you are going to die then deffinitely get another opinion. Make peace with your life, assume the worst, hope for the best and never quit trying. Remember it's not up to the doctors. There are higher powers involved. One of them is you. Once you quit you assure that result. I have known people who've been given six months to live who lived a decade longer. Others given a year didn't last a month. The big difference is quality of life and how bad you want it to go on.

I hope this is a rhetorical question, but I wish you the best either way.

Martin S
Turn to the living God in Heaven and ask Him if He has a purpose for you to continue living here on earth. Then trust in Him to heal you if He does. Otherwise make sure that you have a saving relationship with Jesus before you get taken away.

I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, but that's the reality of it. God can heal a person when a doctor can't but it's more important to receive that spiritual healing that come through Jesus than it is to receive a temporary physical healing from a doctor.

I am sorry.
Second opinion may help. And another thing is do not loose hope. Our body is amazing, and if you have will to fight you can make lot of difference.
And keep your eyes open for new treatments. Science changes very fast, hopefully you might get something.
And remember this is not the end. Enjoy every moment.

Find a new doctor one that you are comfortable with. Tell your new doc. what the previous doc. said and that is not acceptable.

Get a second opinion.

It is a fact that we all will die - it should NOT happen just because an unsympathetic doctor said that he/she cannot do anything more. Doctors do not know everything. Most doctors trained in western medical colleges don't believe or support alternative medicine/healing because they did not investigate or understand it.

Innumberable people who refused to give up have been healed by alternate medicine/healing. Many doctors are unaware of new whole foods like cryptomonadales, or other medicine. Traditional chinese medicine practitioners have used herbs and medicine to heal those who are willing to keep an open mind. Remember that healing must be combined with lifestyle and diet changes too. So never take a doctor's word for the definitive.

The person should do only one thing i.e. to & pray to the GOD or ALMIGHTY as HE will resolve the problem as becoz MIRACLES DO HAPPEN as THERE IS SOME SUPERIOR POWER SOMEWHERE & EVERYWHERE & ALWAYS.

Try Memorial Sloan Kettering in NY. I had appendiceal cancer (a form of colon cancer) stage 4 and they saved my life. Locally (CT.) I was not given much of a future outlook. There is technology not available in regular hospitals. Please consider this hospital. It's a year and a half later and I'm cancer free. Good luck and God Bless.

I suggest getting a second opinion.

Setting up a will, and getting things ready for your spouse or family that you will be leaving behind. Why leave burden's on your family, when they will be devastated by the death of a loved one.

Pray for healing, but most important, pray for God's will to be done. That is hard I know. Get a second opinion, then no matter what the outcome of that second opinion, remember that each day is a gift and we should all treat it as such. Even though the doctors say, "there is nothing else we can do for you." just remember that not one of us knows when it is our time, so go on with your life and live each moment as if it is your last. Don't look back and say I wish, do it now and say it was great.

I hate hearing that.
I'd suggest you cash in your chips and go home.

if that 2nd opinion doesn't work, just enjoy life & do things you wanted to do before.

That's not an easy question to answer - it depends on the underlying medical problem.

If it is not a life-threatening illness, consider getting another opinion (including that of a specialist physician). If the general consensus of several doctors is that nothing more can be done, you may have to learn to just live with the cards you've been dealt. And be patient: if no diagnosis can be made now, remember that the symptoms and signs may change over time to give a better idea of the disease process. And in time new therapies may also be available. Going to many different physicians likely is not going to help - the medical training in this country is fairly standardized, and I doubt you would get a different opinion after several consultations.

If this is a life-threatening illness, by all means get a second opinion. Your physician should not be hurt or offended by this - is is common practice among physicians to collaborate. Many medical centers specialize in certain diseases (ie, Cedar-Sinai, Mayo Clinic, etc) If the consensus is still that nothing can be done, it is important to be realistic at this point. You can still look for the miracle cure - but don't do that to the exclusion of all else. If you have a terminal diagnosis there are other things that are important, such as family and putting your affairs in order.

Another point to consider is the availability of alternative medicine. Therapies such as accupunture, massage, chiropractic adjustment, and biofeedback have all been shown to be effective treatments (in randomized clinical trials) for certain conditions (often ones that modern medicine has no effective treatment for). Homeopathy and essential oil use not been as well validated. And beware of a large portion of the information you find on the internet - there is a weath of misguided, malicious, and just plain wrong information available.

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