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 Chemo???? and Nausea?
I have very close uncle who is suffering from stage 4 cancer and I would like to know if anyone has any remedies for him as far as the nausea goes. He is so sick from the chemo and I just want to try ...

 For somebody going through chemo, is there any food that wont cause nausea, yet still tastes good?
First week of chemo, and loss of taste for almost all foods. Gets sick after eating, looking for anybody that has gone through this and may know of certain foods that help, and or ways to control the ...

 Do I have Lung cancer???
when i smoke my chest pains what does this mean plz answer im stressing and i cant go to the docter coz my mother wil kill me plz ...

 My mom has breast cancer :[?
Everyday Im worried about her.A couple days ago she shaved her head off because already chunks of hair fell out every day. Even though she has no hair she still looks just as beautiful as she used to ...

 How do I help or talk to a neighbor who has cancer?
I don't know her well and a mutual friend told me she has stage 4 breast cancer. I want to talk to her or do something to help, but I'm not sure what to do or say. She didn't tell me ...

 Can you get cancer if you just smoke in your mouth mainly and not in your lungs all the way?
i mainly put a lot of smoke in my mouth and not all the way in my lungs. Am i still hurting my self a lot? is there a greater risk if i smoked in my lungs?...

 Can melanoma 'resurface' in the stomach?
My mother died from it about 11 yrs ago and I was trying to figure out if it was a melanoma death or stomach cancer. My Dad says stomach cancer but I seem to remember someone in the family saying ...

 Define Hereditary ?
For a test, I can't find the defenition in my notes. Can someone explain to me in an understandable manner what hereditary is?...

 Could I have breast cancer?
Today I had a physical and my doctor said she felt a lump in my left breast so she is sending me to a breast specialist to have them check it out.
This scared the heck out of me. I am only 20 ...

 How do people know they have cancer?
Do you get very sick? I have some minor health problems. Sometimes I think they are bad. Things like chronic congestion , breathing problems, etc. However, I don't have the insurance to go in ...

im 15 and im going through chemo for cancer. i havent yet got use to it. i lost my hair and i cant even look in the mirror anymore at myself. it wears my body down. i know a lot of people go through ...

 Can you survive bowel cancer?
My dad has been diagnosed with bowel cancer. When they operate will he have a chance to survive or will he die slowly?...

 When a person dies of terminal cancer what is it that causes them to stop breathing?
Is it because the lungs fail or due to depression of the respiratory centres in the brain?
Additional Details
Lets say hodgkins lymphoma?...

 Breast cancer scare help?
I had a boil on my breast and it hasen't healed yet I get them from time to time but this time there is a lump behind this boil. Could it be from the boil or could it be breast ...

 When someone is being treated with chemotherapy is it possible not to get the biggest side effect-hair loss?
if it's too rare it doens't count, like if it's one case in a million with no hair loss then i count it as not possible.
i just wonna know if u can get a cancer treatment and not ...

 I have a lump in my throat. It's on my lower right side of my neck,close to my colar bone.Could this be cancer

 Worried and want to know..?
a friend was diagnosed with small cell lung ca. it had spread to her thigh bone. she is undergoing chemo. they aren't using radiation. she is in hospital now because of a blood clot in her ...

 Nicotine is good for u?
is at any limits nicotine good for you??...

 I told a friend recently I had breast cancer and he stopped having anything to do with me..?
I found out I had breast cancer several months ago. I had a very good friend who betrayed my trust about a year ago ... we were still in constant contact - although i knew he was lying to me about ...

 I want to go tanning but i got a big mole on my stomach, would that cause cancer?
I want to go tanning but i got a big mole on my stomach, would that cause cancer? They said I had to go 2-3 times per week to get tanned....

What nice gift can I give a chemotherapy patient?
My aunt is undergoing a chemotherapy regiment, and I am stumped with what to give her for X-mas. She's very "girly," but since the chemo treatments, she is restricted with nail polish, perfumes, etc. What can a give a wonderful woman undergoing chemo for X-mas? All ideas welcomed, thank you for participating!

gopalakrishnan s
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How about a pink ipod shuffle?

There are some GREAT no-scent lotions out there too. . . it's not that she's restricted from using perfumes etc, it's just that they may not smell good to her and/or other patients around her getting treatment!

She might enjoy a great massage, so a GC for that is a good idea. Chemo is stressful and contrary to some people's beliefs, massage is NOT harmful for cancer patients.

A "chemo bag" is a fun idea with a cute tote, a cozy blankie she can take with her (chemo can make you cold) and some snacks, tissues, etc.

If she's going to loose her hair, cute hats are fun! (And necessary.)

Nail care sets are good too since she probably shouldn't go to a nail place. . . that's a no no!

Little luxuries that she likes of any kind are really nice.

It's so thoughtful of you to ask.

Has she lost her hair to chemo? If so then take her out shopping for some cute hats or scarves. If taking her out is not an option then just buy her a couple of hats or scarves.

My Aunt passed away with Ovarian cancer last year. She and I went to a day spa together and had a manicure, pedicure, and massage. We had a blast that day and I remember now how much fun she and I had together that day. It will be a day that I will NEVER forget.

Why don't you give your Aunt a spa package like that? It will make her feel better and help her relax at least for a little while.

My Aunt seemed like all the inspirational books that were being given to her in droves upset her. I know everyone who gave them to her meant well but someone in her and your aunt's condition gets tired of all the "stay strong, love everyone, live each day to the fullest" crap.

I tried to treat my Aunt like there wasn't anything wrong with her where other people just doted on her making her feel like an invalid. I think that whatever you do get her, make it something that won't remind her of how sick she is.

I agree with Rachel's idea: the best gift is something that you two can share together, something that will give you a happy memory to hold on to. It doesn't neccesarily have to be a spa, but anything that will leave you with a good feeling and a happy memory of time spent with your aunt is a great gift.

Although some books are hard to choose for people, I still think it makes a nice gift for someone who has to endure treatments like that, for long periods of time. If you check out the "inspirational" section of the bookstores, you can find a lot of feel-good books that would uplift her spirits.

A blanket would be a great gift, especially if it's homemade! Chemo makes you sick and loose weight, so at times you can get very cold. I blanket for the winter months would be a great idea. (Maybe even a sweater and socks to match!)

First, it is very nice you are so considerate of her needs.
As for gifts, I would think a gift basket with some nice warm socks, maybe some dvds to watch, a nice comfy,luxurious bathrobe(victorias secret has some really nice ones), etc would be good. Anything comforting should be good. If she is up to it, maybe plan a quiet activity for the two of you. Have a happy holiday and the best to your aunt.

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