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What is the medical term for individuals who think that they have every disease and nothings wrong with them?
i think that i am like that.as soon as something hurts i think i have cancer or if i use a public bathroom and dont even touch the toilet i sometimes feel that i contracted h.i.v and the list gos on and on!
Additional Details
im17 years old ever since i was little

Their called Hypochondriacs.




The answer is Hypochondriac. I guess you would need to ask yourself why do you feel that way and for how long you have been thinking these thoughts. There are support groups you can research and join either online or in your community.

Sister Sandy (RN)
hypochondriac: my son is one he got taken to the hospital because he had an anchovy bone stuck in his throat. Not possible because anchovies have small hair like bones and the chances of lodging in a throat are almost impossible. The ended up have just a case of the flu nothing in the throat at all.

Jon M

Believe it or not, you are normal
They call the problem hypochondriac.
A lot of people do the same thing. At least you have a clue that its a little weird. If you didn't think so, you would not have put your question out there to be scrutinized.


Its called a hypochondriac or health anxiety. I have had similar feelings as you do, and I go to therapy which seems to help somewhat.

Do you watch "Monk" on Friday nights on USA network? He is obsessive compulsive.



ooh i wanna know that too

Hypochondriac. Sounds like you might be a little obsessive compulsive as well!

Hypochondriac,and I think that also could be obssessive compulsive type of disorder as well to go with it,perhaps

Hypochondriasis is the the name of this disorder. It is a mental health disorder and you could benifit by seeing a therapist.

Hypochondria is the term, but the sources vary. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), for example, may result in such fear or belief. Such a fear could be that one may contract a disease or be exposed to a toxin when there is no empirical evidence or rational reason supporting the fear. Some paranoid schizophrenics also exhibit symptoms associated with hypochondria. In any case, hypochondria is often treatable with psychotherapy, as well as other therapeutic approaches. That is, you can live a happy life with some therapy designed to treat this disorder.


There's this book, Three men in a boat, by Jerome,

In which the guy says, that once,he came across a medical book, and when he read it, he found that he had many of the symptoms written there.
Of Cancer he was in last stage, and especially susceptible to heart disese, And it seemed he suffered from diabetes, and worse still, pilesseemed around the corner.
The only thing he did not have definite symptoms of was "housemaid's knee". So he went to his friend, a doctor fortreatment, nad theguy asked him what was wrong with him?

And the guy sez- My friend don't ask me what ails me,because thelist of the inflictions is long, rather, ask me what ails me not, because I suffer from everythingexcept Housemaid's knee.

The doctor, after prodding him for the cause of this sudden melancholy, wrotehim a prescription.
The prodigious patient took the prescrition and went to the chemist, who said, I can'tgive you what is written in this prescription, because if I were a restaurant, bedroom all rolled into one I could have, but I can't because I am not, so sorry.

Theprescription read- Three heavy meals a day, work to do , and a sound bed for night, and don'tt hink about things you don'tknow nothing about.

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