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 What's the name of the Cancer that is caused by Bombs, Missles, or Nuclear activity?
I remember there was one, that ppl in this certain part natzis"??? i'm not sure, but there is this cancer you could die from, from being TOO EXPOSED to the bombs, missles, nuclear, activity....

 Can skin cancer affect the brain?
ive been a skin cancer survivor for 4 years,my first one was malignant melanoma 4 years ago,ive had a few more,doctor says it can spread to the brain!why/hows this ?...

 Does tampons give u cancer? i got this from a very close source.?

 How well does radation work on non-small cancer of the lung?
No spreading anywhere else. We plan to take 6 weeks of radation plus a 3 hit round of chemo. Any thoughts? The goal is to shrink the tumor enough to remove only one lobe of the lung. We have tried 3 ...

 Differences between benign and malignant cancer?

 I just found out my hampster has skin cancer how long will she have?

Additional Details
she is on steroids i ve got to take her back the vet next ...

 If you were diagnosed with breast cancer woould you go and have a second opinion done?
About 3 weeks ago my best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer and she wants to have a second opinion done before the doctors and the oncologist start any treatment on her, but her family tells ...

 Can A 14 year old girl have breast cancer?
and what are some of the simpstons is hair loss one?
Additional Details
a friend ...

 Does the FDA need to stop ignoring natural cures for cancer?
Cancer is a major killer in the US and reserch shows that the Graviola and Paw Paw trees have what it takes to fight cancer. Why does the FDA hide this information from us? What do you think about ...

 The study of cancer?
wat is it called?...

 Cancer is very expensive to treat. Why are there 1000's in the US deciding against treatment because of cost?


 What is Brain Cancer?
What is Brain Cancer I'm only , and stuff, but what IS EXACTLY Brain Cancer, because I talk to my cousin so much on the phone, and his mom told him he can get brain cancer...and I was like is ...

 Cervical cancer?
how can u get it besides having hpv or warts is ther any other way of getting ...

 Can anyone enlighten me about diagnosing leukemia in an adult?

I have blood tests this week and I am scared, and just need to know what to expect in the coming tests, visits, etc..should it be positive..

Thank you....

 Is there anything that doesn't cause cancer?

 Smokers: Why do you do it?

My grandpa is a cancer patient. He has a tumor that could kill him because it cna't be removed, and it seems he has given up. He doesn't have cancer anymore, but he is giving up on life. He ...

 Will normal cells in our body recover after radiotherapy?
radiotherapy is meant for killing specifically cancer cells using strong and harmful gamma rays, however, a fair bit of damage is done to normal cells as well. cancer will be cured, but will the ...

 Do tumors show up on ultrasounds?

What happens if you don't treat cancer?
I am just wondering, what would happen if you didn't treat cancer at all? You did nothing, just ignored it.

The cancer would continue to multiply and eventually death.

death is near.

The cancer will spread to all your major vital organs, and you will die. A lot of cancers can be treated if caught early, but if you wait and do nothing, chances of recovering are slim to none.

Hannah N
well eventually it'll get everywhere to your body and you will become very ill and to the point you will be dead now some ppl are treated and some aren't but their are some ppl who have survived cancer without treating it.... but the smart thing is too treat it and properly :] i hope my answer helped u!!:]

It wont go away,it will kill you slowly.


It would eventually spread throughout your body and kill you.

Cancer refers to once normal cells within the body that have mutated and lost the ability to naturally stop growing. An untreated cancer will continue to grow indefinitely . . however not all cancers are the same . .some grow very, very fast (within 48 hours) and some grow very slow (up to 30 years). A cancer also has the ability once it reaches a certain point to replicate itself by seeding the body with millions of 'new mutated cancer cells' .. this is called metastasis. When a cancer becomes metastatic it will shed 'cancer cells' into the blood stream or lymphatic system and send new cancer colonies anywhere in the body. Those new cells will lodge in the lung, liver, brain, bones, or any other system in the body . . and grow new cancer tumors which in turn will continue the cycle. Eventually the cancer will consume the entire body and begin to affect the normal functioning of body systems which will lead to organ failure and death. It is possible for the entire body cavity to be filled with tumors . . they can also erupt through the skin and spread on the surface as well.

Unfortunately it is impossible to ignore most types of cancer.
The slow growing kind . . is about the closest, but it can also be draining on a persons overall health and enjoyment of life.
A fast growing, aggressive cancer can kill in days, weeks, or months depending on varying factors.

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