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 I dont want to........???????
lose all my hair!!!
my cancer has returned and i have to get chemo therapy on friday....this means that i will lose all my hair

how can i get over this???


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Are ...

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 I Think I might have breast cancer, but im not sure.?
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 My best friend has just been diagnosed with cancer, she has two teenagers at home, they are not accepting?
the news very well. One is not showing any emotions and clinging to every move, the other is being very defiant and out of character-not minding her mom for the simplest of requests. They live with ...

 People with lymphoma/lukimia (or doctors) what are the symptoms?
please tell me the symptoms you our a loved one had

and if you have/have had lymphoma or lukimia god bless ...

 Advice on Cancer...?
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What happens during chemotherapy?
one of my friends has esophageal cancer and is going in for chemotherapy next week. She doesn't like to talk to about it, but I want to know what happens during chemotherapy. Do they give you a shot? Do they give you pills? Is it very dangerous? What are the side effects? Will her personality change after the chemotherapy?

they will first take her blood to see if her blood is up too chemo..if it is she goes in and sits in a recliner and they give it too her thru IV..then she leaves and goes home..the more chemo the sicker you will get,,She will become very ill..throwing up and not wanting to eat..she needs someone their too help her..she will lose her hair but it will grow back..once she is on a beak from taking chemo she will fell better until her next stretch of chemo.

Lauren M
my dad has cancer and he takes the pill form of chemo so what happens is you get relly tired and you need to sleep while your taking it makes your teeth hurt and sometimes they fall out and shift you also might loose your hair but my dad didnt

I've had chemo and it varies from person to person as far as the side effects and the strength of chemo give. some people breeze thro chemo with no side effects or even being sick it just depends on the person. usually it takes 2 to 3 hours for chemo and most of the time it is administered into a port that has been placed in the chest. some people have it administered directly into their veins. her immune system will be down and you should be careful even with a common cold being around her at this point. they give you a list of all the side effects and some people have some but not normally all the side effects. its basically on the persons ability to fight off the effects. just try to keep her spirits up and if she wants to talk about it, she will. be there for her.

she may be very depressed. just be there and support and help her. she is in for a very rough time. i took chemo for 6 months.

chemo is very hard on the system but will help in the long run. I'm taking chemo now and it can be very tiring. just be there for your friend. some chemo's they give pill form and others they do IV were the chemo can go through your body.

Chemotherapy involves an IV needle being inserted into your arm and a bunch of cancer fighting drugs being pumped into your body. Your friend will probably be either sitting down or lying down for about an hour while she's getting her medication. The side effects to the chemotherapy is nausea, eventual hair loss, loss of appetite, depression (from feeling so lousy). It won't be a pretty sight. There's not much you can do to help her except being there for her. She will be pretty weak after getting her drugs so you can help her walk or push her in a wheelchair (at the hospital) and drive her home where she'll probably just want to sleep.

My mom recently went through chemo.

She had a "port" inserted into her chest, so when she went in for chemo they just "hooked up" the IV that had the chemo drugs inside. She'd be there for several hours and after several bags of the IV drug, she'd be able to go home.

Chemo is dangerous as it lowers your immune system, meaning even a common cold can make you very sick. While your friend is going through chemo, she needs to be very careful around sick people and needs to check her temperature regularly. Even a small fever can be disastrous for someone with cancer who's going through chemotherapy.

Her personality probably won't change a lot, but she'll probably be tired some of the time [especially after chemo, or the few days after] and she may be nauseas a lot of the time. Feeling sick all the time might make her irritable and such, but she'll still be the same person :]

Other side effects: loss of hair, weight loss, weight GAIN [sometimes chemo makes people ravenously hungry...sometimes it makes people so sick they can barely eat], etc.

Best of luck to your friend!

I'm sorry to hear about your friend and it's awesome to hear that you have an interest in it. When you have cancer, you often learn who your real friends are. Sometimes the "C word" can scare people away.

I am currently undergoing chemo for Stage 4 Hodgkin's Lymphoma, which is probably a walk in the park compared to most cancers you can get.

The chemo I'm getting is every other Thursday via my portacath in my chest. They often start with a steriod that can usually help most people, but causes me to be very depressed and bring me waaaaay down. Since I don't take the steriods, my nausea is worse than usual. But they'll give her Compazine or some other pills to help with that.

Chemo is dangerous...it's like injecting poison into your veins. But the doctors and nurses know what they're doing. The side effects can vary on her body's reaction to the chemo. Some people lose some or all of their hair...some lose none. Nausea is another and loss of appitite. The chemo brain is def another one. One thing I suffer from is a feeling of general unconfortableness. But you learn to deal.

Her personality will change. She'll still be your friend, for sure. But she'll probably have a sense of pride and strength knowing she is a survivor. I know I already do. I was supposed to have 8 months of treatment, but now I only have 6 because my body is responding so well. I feel so happy that I can beat anything. And this is coming from someone who spent her childhood in and out of hospitals for another disease.

Try and get your friend to open up to you. She needs you more than you know. I know it's hard to discuss, but she will become more comfortable with it. Try to get her to have a positive attitude about it, be there when she feels weak, (trust me, it'll be quite often) and in the words of my nurse, "JUST HAVE FUN!!!"

I wish your friend the best of luck and hope she gets through everything with ease.

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