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Christine R
What does radiation....and Chemotherapy mean?.. is one more agressive than the other?.?
Dad is still recovering from his colon surgery... but in about a month, he will be seeing an oncologist who will either recommend treatment ...or not.. I have heard both terms used.. radiation and chemo.. What do these mean.. what is the difference between having radiation or having chemo treatment done?... Dad has 2 cells left that show cancer..so would imagine that he will have treatment.. I wonder why also, how come the surgeon couldn't get it all.. ? I know these are alot of questions.. Thanks everyone, Christine

Radiation attacks fast growing cells and is indiscrimanent. It doesn't care what cells it kills. Chemo targets specific enzyme and protien chains assocated with over 145 different types of cancer growing cells.

gymnast 4 life
well radiation and chemotherapy is used to help cancer from spreading. i think chemo is worse tho, not realy sure tho.
i hope ur dad is ok

Hi. Both treatments are to destroy cancer cells. But there are side effects as the good cells are also destroyed. When good cells are destroyed, our immune system is affected.

There is hope of recovery. I use gano to treat patients and all have good results. Gano is a type of mushroom. I am a gano consultant. I use 2 types of gano whihc is cultured in Malaysia and distributed in 85 countries. I combine chemo/radiation with gano and it helps reduce side effects and also better absorption of chemo drugs/radiation. Pls check the following sites for more info.

I had colon cancer 2 years ago. and they got it all, and they told me that i had to have both just for prevention. well i i started the chemo and stopped it after awhile and i did the radiation and if i had it to do again i would not do ether one i,m so messed up from the radiation, It fry ed my joints so now i,ve got arthritis really bad. good luck

Hannah Radar
Sorry about your dad's operation and condition.

Radiation is similar to x-rays--it is like burning away cells. My mom had it when she had a cancerous growth near her eye.

Chemotherapy is a mixture of chemicals, usually given through an IV. It makes many people nautious, unable to hold food down, etc. Many lose much weight while on it. My husband had this when he suffered with Hodgkin's Disease.

If there are still two cancerous cells, I'm sure that your dad will have treatment. There are various reasons why surgeons can't get them all--one could be that it would have been too dangerous to your dad.

Chemotherapy is more agressive because it attacks all rapidly growing cells in the body, not just one area, which is one reason why people's hair fall out, hair cells are rapidly growing. Radiation therapy just treats the area to where it is given. Radiation is almost always used with chemo just to be sure the cancer hasn't spread and if it has so it kills it. The surgeon probably couldn;t get it all because it probably spread to other parts of the body, if thats the case your father with most likely be put on chemo so it can work on the whole body.

Advanced cancer is generally treated with three modalities: chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation. All three modalities play a part in treatment.

1. Chemotherapy is given orally or by IV. It is a systemic treatment which means it travels throughout the body the same way cancer can travel. It is designed to kill fast growing cells like cancer, unfortunately the chemo cannot tell the difference between cancer and a normal fast growing cell like hair follicles. Chemo is intended to kill any microscopic or small cancer cells within the body and to shrink large tumors when warranted. Good for metastatic disease since the chemo will follow the same route as the cancer cells.

2. Surgery is used to remove large tumors quickly. It is used in conjunction with chemo or radiation. The chemo is sometimes used first to shrink the tumor and allow a safer, less extensive surgery. Surgery is good at removing all visible tumors, but if you have microscopic disease it isn't much help.

3. Radiation is used on local tumors (a couple tumors). . it is able to pinpoint with precision a beam to radiate the tumor or tumor bed. Radiation is good for a few locations, but is not good if a patient has widespred metastatic disease. If a doctor knows exactly where the tumor is located, they can direct the beam at the tumor and shrink or kill it. The problem comes in if the patient has multiple tumors scattered all over the body. Radiation is than not a good option.

So, each modality has its positives and each has a limitation, but used together can be an effective treatment for the patient. So . . if your father has active disease his doctor may recommend chemotherapy to address the cancer that cannot be seen. But, if the doctor believes that the remaining disease is just in one or a few locations he might recommend radiation to that area. Or . . he could suggest doing both as if might be more effective. Best to ask your doctor for more information.

Good luck.

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