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live forever
What does it mean when the doctor ask you to take a second mammogram test?
does that mean that they might have seen something or it doesnt always mean something?

Wanting to get a 2nd. mammogram means that your doctor and the radiologist either saw something "suspicious" on your 1st. mammogram and want a better look, OR, the first one was inconclusive and they want to be more satisfied with the results. I am a breast cancer survivor, 3 years now, :), and when my Doc wanted the 2nd. mammogram I sensed his concern and it scared me tremendously. However, getting that 2nd. mammogram (a DIAGNOSTIC MAMM.) may have been what saved my life. So even though I understand your fear and concern, I'd get the 2nd. mammogram TODAY. As I'm sure you have heard, when it comes to breast cancer, early detection is the key to survival. I am living proof of that! Good Luck to you, and don't let your fear defeat you and claim your life! No one lives forever but we can all live better! Take Action.

Jacqui W
prob just not clear, if they had seen something they would be more likely to do a needle biopsy on what they saw! The machine may have been broken or something like that! Ask what increased risk you have by having another one so close!What age are you too? My consultant was cross i had one when i was 20 ! Esp as it can increase your chances of cancer, and they can't see much!
Good luck, try not to stress!

well mammogram like any other test has some range of sensitivity that does not reach 100%..

if the period between the two mammograms is less than 2 months then make sure that your previous mammogram was not that clear can not conclude from it anything (so dont worry)

on the other hand, if the period is more than 3 months(possibly 6 months) your doctor might have seen something in your previous one and want to make sure..

Sometimes you also have to go for a second mammogram because the picture didn't come out clear enough to see.

it means the first one was inconclusive, and they need a better picture...

It means the first mammogram was inconclusive.

This could be because it was blurred, because it didn't include enough tissue, because the tissue is very dense (more likely if you are youngish), because there is a shadow that might be something and they want a better look......

Don't panic unnecessarily.

If they were sure they had found something they would be talking about ultrasounds and biopsies etc.

sounds to me if they want a second mammogram, that they either see something small, or they see something they think might be a shadow. Go for your second mammogram, so that they can get better pictures of what they see, or think they see. Good luck hun!

There are a few reasons why a woman would be called back for more images after a mammogram. Vary rarely, the images are of poor quality or have an artifact on them. This doesn't happen often because the mammographer checks her images before she lets the patient leave. Occasionally, the mammographer will miss something that the radiologist catches.

More often, there is an area of the image that needs further evaluation. This could be because the patient has dense breast tissue. Dense tissue appears white on the x-ray film....and so do all signs of breast cancer (both masses/lumps or calcifications). You cannot see white pathology through white, dense tissue. Sometimes, compression views are needed in these cases, just to ensure nothing is "hiding" behind that white tissue.

Other times, the radiologist sees a mass or calcifications. Many masses and different types calcifications are benign. There are special views we can take (magnification views) which will show those exact areas better. In the case of microcalcifications, these images will show the edges of the calcifications in more detail, so the radiologist can determine which type they are. In the far majority of cases, the radiologist will determine they are benign....not cancer. Even after these special views, a radiologist might ask for a breast ultrasound, and maybe even a biopsy. Even if your case goes as far as a biopsy, around 85% of these are benign.

So, it is not a bad sign to be called back for more images. It probably happens to about 1 in 10 women after their screening mammogram. Best wishes.......

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