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What are encouraging words to say to someone that is going through cancer treatments?

darling there are no encouraging words, just be there and listen. I had cancer twice and I'm still alive and it's something only the person can go through on their own term. if they need support they will seek it, but goodness gracious don't say anything such as you're young or strong you'll make it. Those were the words I hated to hear, just be there as a friend and please don't complain about your day, we don't want to hear it, cause you see we don't give a crap about how awful your day has been going, it only reminds me of you being so spoiled that you have nothing to add to society.

Patty T
1. Be there
2. Don't say "Everything will be ok"
3. Allow your friend to cry and just hold teir hand
4. Fix a meal
5. Make sure that the area they are in is clean and neat
6. Provide a cool washcloth and ginger ale when they are nauseated
7. Be sensitive about smells...don't wear perfume
8. If there are children involved take them out...they need a break too. That goes for any caretaker...give them a break.
I am sorry you are having to go through this with someone.

The only thing I can think of is to just tell the person that they are not alone and you will be there for them no matter what.
And then show them that you meant what you said and be there for them.
especially at night when they will tend to be alone with their thoughts.
I have always thought that alone at night confronting ones own mortality is when it would be the most frightening for a cancer sufferer

ricky boby
just keep fighting it will get better

!) You can make it, I know you are a fighter.

2) Just wait till we go to the beach next summer... can't wait to see you there with me!!!

3) I love you, be strong.

4) When we get out of this mess we're gonna hitch a ride to Alaska and go skiing.

5) I know it is hard to be brave and hold on...but if you wanna come to a barbeque with me, ur gonna need all the strength u can get when you try my hot sauce.

6) Let's take it easy, God didn't create earth in a day...

7) If we r gonna see Aunt Cathy ( or whoever ) again, than we are gonna need all the bravery we can get.

Allison L
I found this comforting when I had a pet who had cancer. And my friend did too while her father is suffering from it as well....http://www.saintgeo.com/peregrine.htm

if they have a good sense of humor and you think they could use a laugh, tell them, hey think of how much money you'll be saving on shampoo when your hair falls out! Sometimes laughter can be the best medicine.

you are such a strong person...hang in there....we are all pullin for you and praying for you.

n K
Im here
hang in there

Nothing you say will probably make the person with cancer feel any better. They have to go through all the emotions. The person with cancer if they haven't done it. They should change their diet to alkaline foods. I think just being there and being a good friend is best. Maybe ask how can you help? Go grocery shopping, go to appointment with them, help clean the apartment or house, help with children etc. Listen ~ Let them cry, laugh and vent. I think it probably hard but having a positive attitude. Watch funny movies, comedians or watch your favorite funniest sit-com with the person with cancer. Laughter is medicine. Pray! Look for all the medical treatments possible to help the person with cancer including alternative or natural remedies.

Words of encouragment are just too cliche. After one week, you heard them all. Actions speak louder than words. Do the things that PHXB has listed. Take the kids out, go shopping for them, bring them a dinner. Offer to clean the house. The worst feeling is looking around and seeing things that need to be done, and don't have the energy to do them.

Being bald is cooler in the summer( been there) and it will grow back...first curly, then eventually back to what it was before chemo.

wow thats really hard, maybe just tell them theyre not alone and that what doesnt break them only makes them stronger.

I'll be here if you need anything. Do not say I know how you feel

Hi Cyntha
As I have gone through this myself the greatest words I heard were:
Do you want a neck rub?
Can I bring you something special to eat that sound good?
Can I help you with your housework?
Can I drive you to your next appointment?
I love you and will be here for you.
Offer to do something specific, don't just ask if there is anything you can do. We always answer "no" trying to be strong or unable to think of anything at the moment. If you do offer be sure to carry through! Don't tell them it will be all right unless they ask!
One of the other things I found helpful was for someone to come over once a week and help me weed and water my flower gardens!
Best of luck to your someone. It's a long and hard road but with friends like you it will be easier!

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