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dont just tell me im crazy. i dont give a **** if you think im crazy. i just mean could there be another reason for wanting to suffer like that?

and im not a masochist either.

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 Does cancer have an odor?

What's it called when a person always thinks there something wrong w/ them (cancer,etc)?
If a person has this what can you do?

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nobody knows what your talking about

hawaii gurl 06
Either a hypochondriac or that person has Munchausen syndrome. But either way that person should seek medical attention as soon as possible. Both can be helped.

DeDe x

Hypochondria or a Somatization disorder. These are forms of anxiety disorders.

The best treatment for these disorders is through a psychologist who practises cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). Medical treatments using medications that reduce anxiety can sometimes help as well, as can psychotherapy or talk therapy that helps you understand the triggers for feeling anxious, but CBT gives the best results long term.

I'm a nurse. They have a severe brain disorder and should seek the advice of a medical doctor before they hurt someone or themselves.


Pearl N
It's called Hypochondria and it's often from personal fears, say a relative died from something. Or often it's an attention getting thing. Talk to your friend gently but firmly, he/she can't help what they're doing right now so be honest and ask them to get some help. It does cost the system and the person suffering from this a lot of money so they really need some help. Good luck


hypocondriac (not sure of spelling). if someone has this they should see a counselor. it doesn't mean they are crazy but it isn't going to go away by itself. depending on how bad they are, it could really be life altering.

Hypocondriac. Or you get people that has Munchausen Syndrome. Get medical advice, one never knows what **** will hit the fan with anybody that has a mental problem. They need medical advice and care, love is not enough.

He iscalled a Hypochondriac.It is a mind thing.Im sure they have medication.Refer to his doctor.

They're hypochondriacs. What can you do? Not too much.


Bullwinkle Moose
It's either psychosomatic or hypochondriac.

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