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 Can A 14 year old girl have breast cancer?
and what are some of the simpstons is hair loss one?
Additional Details
a friend ...

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wat is it called?...

 Cancer is very expensive to treat. Why are there 1000's in the US deciding against treatment because of cost?


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What is Brain Cancer I'm only , and stuff, but what IS EXACTLY Brain Cancer, because I talk to my cousin so much on the phone, and his mom told him he can get brain cancer...and I was like is ...

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how can u get it besides having hpv or warts is ther any other way of getting ...

 Can anyone enlighten me about diagnosing leukemia in an adult?

I have blood tests this week and I am scared, and just need to know what to expect in the coming tests, visits, etc..should it be positive..

Thank you....

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 Can u become very depressed when u have been ill for a long time?
my mums best friend, had breast cancer when she was in her 30s, the doctors found out just in time and was able to cure her , but now shes in her 50s and the cancer came back.

i'll ...

 PLZ tell and help ME!?
well my lil 5 year old cousin has all the symptoms of leukemia and i need to know more about it so can u please tell me what exactlly it is and stuff..anything u know..

can it kill??...

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she also has an abnormal ecg. Will she be able to survive the surgery and the anaesthesia?...

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Darth Vader is supposed to be nearly 96% machine, and yet, in Clear and Present Danger he dies of pancreatic cancer. Not only that, but he sold out the empire for the good of the US Government. FYI ...

 What would you do if you knew you were going to die?
My wifes freinds mother just found out that she has ovarian cancer and the doctors said there was nothing that could be done, in other words she knows she will die in a matter of months or days, I ...

Jerry M
RH negative is considered the purest of all blood?
The point here is not religious but rather the scientific value (if any exists) of Blood such as RH Negative being able to reveal in it a cure for diseases such as AIDS, Cancers Etc..?
Science (not I) says that there are Rhesus proteins in Human Blood such as O+ (My Blood) A+, etc.... The RH Negative blood they don't know anything about its origin supposedly. (Adam was probably the purest of all in creation I would think? So what does all this mean? I don't know? But is it something of interest for science to look into? Does anyone know if this has been researched?

where on earth did you come up with that..

im not sure what you're getting at, but at one time the most valuable blood was O-

we evolved from a common ancestor; 'god' doesnt exist

Being RH negative is being unique.It is very rare it is not the purest blood.Blood oncecomes from lungs to heart after being purified is pure blood.RH negative may give rise to Erythroblastosis foetalis its a haemolytic disease of the new born.It may cause kernicterus, hepatosplenomegaly and hemolytic anemia

Kat Q
Actually, the purest type of blood is o-. That means that it is RH negative and it has no antigens. Its also probably the rarest type of blood

The answer for a so-called cure for disease is not in the type of
blood but in the blood itself.

Read the information on my page. MIT says it Will change the
world of health care.

I dunno what you mean by 'purest' but Rh- red bloods are missing an antigen that Rh+ cells have. The significance is that if you give someone who is Rh- blood that is Rh+ they will have a reaction and the recipient's immune system will destroy the donated cells because they don't 'recognise' them as 'self' cells.
So if by 'pure' you mean the ones with the least antigens that can be donated to any recipient, that would be O- blood.

It is not the purest, it is just the most rare blood type.

Kyle W
I thought it was O+ but what do I know.

For others named Rhesus, see Rhesus.
The rhesus factor is a method of classifying blood types (see Blood Typing). The rhesus antigen is found on the surface of red blood cells. Originally discovered in (and hence named for) the Rhesus Macaque (Rhesus Monkey). Not all people contain Rhesus in their blood. Those who do have Rhesus in their blood are known as Rh positive, those who do not are Rh negative. However, unlike the ABO system of blood classification where if a given person does contain an A, or B antigen the antibody is still present. If Rh is absent then, in most cases, the Rh antibody is also absent. The Rh factor was discovered by Karl Landsteiner.

Rh positivity in a fetus (caused by Rh positivity in a father) can be an important factor affecting childbirth when the mother is Rh negative, possibly causing Rh Disease in future Rh positive fetuses by the Rh negative mother.

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