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Painless lump on lower leg?
I'm a 23 year old female. I have a hard painless lump on my left leg, right below my knee, half a lemon in size. I noticed it about 6 weeks ago and it seems like it grew a bit since then. It also seems to be fixed to the tibia, doesn't move around and when I squeeze the skin around it I can feel its shape precisely (it's not perfectly round). The skin above it is completely normal; it's not sore, there are no marks of any kind and the color remains unchanged. Besides a weird tachycardia, which I don't see how could be related to the nodule, I have no other symptoms.

I'm getting really worried as the thing won't go away as I first thought it would. It's definitely not a mere swelling resulting from any kind of injury. I'm abroad right now and won't be able to see a doctor for at least the next three weeks, but that's certainly the first thing I'll do as soon as I get home. For the time being, how concerned should I be about all that? Please, any advice will be highly appreciated.
Additional Details
it's NOT a swelling and it's NOT a hematoma, guys. it's a solid mass under the skin, seemingly attached to the bone.

what I really want to know is if it fits the description of a malignant tumor, or if it's more likely to be a benign tumor of some sort. so, any real doctors there? does anyone know a medical forum where I can ask the same thing and get more specific answers?

I really can't see a doctor right now, but you have NO idea how this thing is making me crazy. just to explain that I'm not a masochist. anyway, I'll see what I can do. thanks.

Healing Oneself
Hi Loretta

Look closely at the suggestions I make below (look at #4 especially), regardless of the health issue. If you do these steps below, you'll give the body time to heal the issue without having to digest meat. dairy, manmade chemicals, preservatives, etc.

Here is a list of important health topics people dont realize or take for granted and thus causes issues.

1. stress = most of it is self induced. Even thinking and actually talking about negative means you attact more negative energy. Visualize and "Feel" a healthy beautiful body (end result) and you'll have it before you know it.
Once the body breaks down from stress then its much easier to get sick or unhealthy for that matter.

Obviously exercise helps manages stress tremendously!

Remember what you focus on (negative or positive) is what you will attract in your life. This universal law is called "The Law of Attraction".

2. Lack of water. Drink a gallon of distilled water to hydrate the body and flush out the excess waste and toxins out of the blood.

3. Nutrition = this helps heal the body and will gives it energy to work on the internal issues. Mainly raw organic fruit and vegetables. If you only ate organic raw F & V for 7-10 days and drank distilled water you would see a change in your energy and be on your way to better health. Letting the body rest from digesting meats, dairy, and processed foods would do wonders for you.

4. clogged colon = Not eliminating the processed food and chemicals we eat every day will give anyone an illness and/or disease. If doctors we're actually taught this, our society would be much improved. DO a colon and liver cleanse to clear out excess waste and toxins in the blood. This will help heal any illness or disease.

Best of health to you

probably hematoba (collection of blood ) in the spot. if it starts hurting its infected but if not it should go away.

reduce your intake of all wheat products and cows milk dairy and start taking cod liver oil (a tablespoon a day) to reduce the inflamation in your body and eat a lot of omega 3's found in the right type of eggs. that should reduce your swelling

well i have a subation cist on my neck its smaller than what you described but when i went to the doctor they said its fine AS LONG AS it dosent grow and you can move it around but what you discribed differs from what my doctor said was "good" so if i were you i WOULD go to the doctor.

Natalie R
wow that sounds really bad. ok, well, try your hardest to scheduele an appointment with a doctor as quickly as possible, before it gets even worse and you feel another one somewhere or something. A doctor can tell you exactly what to do, and he can run tests on you and find the problem.



go to the doctor.

The lump could be related to the tachycardia that you are feeling. Please go to the hospital and explain this. They will give you an E.C.G nothing to be worried about but please do not leave this.

Any heart rythms that are weird really do need to be checked out.

Please dont wait until you are home, if you find that this is something very simple, and you probably will then the hospital wont mind, that is what they are there for.

You have nothing to loose if you go, if there is something wrong then they can sort it and if there is nothing wrong then you can relax and chill and enjoy your holiday. The worry of this alone will make you ill.

Good Luck and dont waste any more time.....

Hi Loretta,
I have a similar lump on my right leg as you've described. I coincidentally also happen to be 23 year old female. My lump has been on my leg for a few years now. From your description both of our problems sound almost identical. I recently received an ultrasound to find out the problem. My doctor basically told me that tissue above my muscle (right next to the tibia) has simply opened. The lump is actually just muscle that has worn through the tissue. It's more prevalent when standing, during or after physical activity, or in warmer climates.
I'm no doctor but from what I've read, if it's not changing color then it's not likely a blood clot. -Although I wouldn't rule it out entirely. It could also be a cyst, which is sac of water that can easily be deflated with by a medical specialist. The tachycardia is something you should definitely see about. It may from the overall situation that is causing irregular heartbeats, ie anxiety, worry, helplessness due to being abroad.
If it is a blood clot, it could be DVT which is common among older people. From my experience and your description though, it sounds like it's just a muscle popping through tissue. For the sake of your health and well-being don't over look the situation, be cautious about what you endure until you get home.

See a doctor ASAP.If you cannot find one go to clinic or ER.

A painless lump that seems to be growing should never be ignored . . ever. It is a classic sign of a type of cancer called sarcoma and could be related to a bone tumor or a soft tissue cancer. No one knows from your description what this might be . . it needs to be clinically examined and if possible a biopsy done. However, a sarcoma is one of the more common types of cancer to hit young adults. You have an unidentified lump that seems to be growing and you are at the right age for this type of cancer.

I am extremely concerned by some of the answers you have received. Most mean well, but I cannot over emphasize the danger you may be in . . a sarcoma is a rare cancer that a majority of general doctors including regular oncologist routinely misdiagnos. No one, you see, expects a healthy 23 year old female to have cancer . . so it is not investigated thoroughly . . and often can sit for a year or two just growing. No one can tell what a lump is, not even a doctor, just by looking . . you need a biospy and if possible, complete removal as this lump can actually at some point turn cancerous.

I know you are in a bind right now, but if at all possible go to the local hospital for a check up. Also, call home and try to arrange to be seen by a sarcoma specialist . . they are the only type of doctor who will be able to tell one way or the other if this is serious or not.

I am sorry if this scares you . . but I have good reasons . . we paid little attention to the our 17 year old son who just casually mentioned one day that he had a lump in his belly. A month later we discovered that he had stage IV abdominal sarcoma . . he was filled with tumors. Prior to that he was perfectly normal, working weekends, playing high school sports, and going to school. There was no warning and . . yeah . .he was misdiagnosed.

Please see a doctor as soon as possible or at least make an appointment to see a sarcoma specialist in three weeks.

Good luck.

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