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 Please help? Have you experienced "loved ones" or otherwise that want to sell you the miracle pill/cure?
I now have someone claiming they want me to try a "miracle" water that allowed someone with cancer to live an extra 6 mos. How do I politely tell them that I'm sticking to the Dr.'...

 Understanding cancer and its side effects. How serious is pneumonia and brain tumors?
My father in law has suffered with cancer for over a year. First it was in his esophogaus and then the brain. He became one of the 12% to get through it. Now the tumors are back in the brain and he ...

 Why no cure 4 Cancer?
Is it hard to find cure? how can you deduct it early. what test you need to do on your anual check up....

 Are there symptons of breast or skin cancer?
if so what are they?...

 Friends dad has cancer?
My friends dad just found out he has male breast cancer, and he had the lump removed but he still has it, but she has no idea how to cope with it. I don't remember how exactly I coped when my ...

 Plz can u help in this?
my dad did an ESR test and it was very very high and he is losing his weight , does this mean he has cancer?...

 How big does the lump have to be(minimum) to know you have testicular cancer?

Additional Details
its not even considered a lump, ive felt it for a week and i dont think it has grown, its like 1/8th the size of a ...

 Who is Dr. Hulda Clark?
I heard she has a cure for cancer and HIV/AIDS. I thought there was no cure. If she has a cure, why are so many people taking pharmaceutical medications. If she is a cure, why is our government not ...

 Why would a cancer patient need repeated blood transfusions?

 Can leukemia be pass to people kiss? or u can only get it from ur parents?

 Patrick Swayze has Pancreatic Cancer, and he's only 55, that is too bad. That is basically a death sentence
Does anyone know what his prognosis is? or amount of time he has left?


 Swollen lymph node for almost 6 months?
I originally went to my PCP in Jan. for a swollen lymph node on the side of my neck. I never noticed it before until one day when I was just poking around and it was very easy to feel. He gave me ...

 I think I have breats cancer. I'm 18. Anyone out there in the same boat?

Additional Details
about a month ago, I developed breat tenderness in the right breast. Then, a week later it turned into pain as I got my period. It than evantually went back to the ...

 How long does it takes?
how long it takes to a person to die from lung cancer?...

 I just had surgery for plantar warts. Am I prone to have HPV?
I just had 3 plantar warts on my feet removed. I heard its from the virus HPV. I'm worried about cervical cancer now. Should I be worried this much?...

 Waiting for hospital results?
yes ive had skin cancer for four years ive had numerous opps,i always go for my checkups,4 weeks ago i had another mole removed the doctor told me they would ring me in 10 days to tell me if it was ...

 How do you clean your liver?

Please advise If anyone you know who has survived of or has any knowledge,doctor's,articles read,addressses about NON SMALL CELL LUNG CANCER.
I would really appreciate any information ...

 If your pet had cancer, what would you do?

 Brain Tumor?
My boyfriend has a Brain Tumor ... .. The MRI's say that it is growing ... he is having more and more seizures .. he is losing more and more of the use of his right side now .. his headaches are ...

Name of the drug for end stage cancer patients?
Looking for the answer to this (it would be on a pump for pain) Racking my brain trying to remember what it is called. I should know...My Dad had it...God rest his sole

morphine and ativan

What everyone else is saying. Morphine and Ativan are drugs of choice for cancer patients. Titrate for comfort!

Carol H
Demerol,morphine and perhaps ativan. Ativan is given for a prepost surgery usually..

Morphine ?

Dilaudid and morphine are common pain meds that can be used on a patient controlled anesthesia (PCA) pump.

sOuL dOcToR
Morhine doses not work in the last stages of Cancer, it aggravates the pain rather. the Homeopathic Remedy ARSENSENICUM ALBUM in CM potency works the best in easing the pain of any patient in the last stages of cancer where acure is not possible, It will not bring death but it will ease the pain and however long the patient lives it will be in a lot more ease and without pain. Just one dose is advised. Incidently a Homeopath I know of in Pakistan gave ARSENICUM ALBUM in CM potency to a patient who was dying of liver cancer and was on the last stages and surprisingly it cured the patient of his Liver cancer. To read more about the remedy click the link to read about it in The Materia medica of Homeopathic Medicine, By Dr.William Boericke MD. :- http://homeoint.org/books/boericmm/a/ars.htm

Take care and God Bless you !

I believe the answer for the drug you are looking for is the morphine pump. My husband passed away just 2 months ago and he had a morphine pump to relieve his pain. He went peacefully and pain free. I miss him dearly. Hope this helps.

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