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My mother had colon cancer. What are the chances it will be passed on to me or my sibling?
My mother had colon cancer, and survived it for 5 years before passing on. She was adopted, so I know nothing about her parents and so forth.

I was wondering what the chances were of me or my sister inheriting it from my mother.

Also, do you know if I have to be a certain age to get a colonoscopy? Thanks.

If your mother had colon cancer, your chances of getting colon cancer (and your sister's) are higher. That doesn't mean the two of you WILL get it, but it does mean you should be extra-careful. Two things you can do to lower your risk are: (1) Go easy on red meat -- three servings a week or less is best, and (2) Get a lot of fiber into your diet -- at least 25g a day. In your case, since you have a family history, you should talk to your doctor about it. You'll probably end up getting your first colonoscopy at age 40 and after that every 2-3 years or so.

lieselot h
Sporadic Colon Cancer

If we reviewed the family medical histories of 100 people diagnosed with colon cancer, 75 of them would show little or no evidence of other family members with the disease. Because hereditary factors do not appear to have contributed to these people's risk of cancer, those individuals are said to have sporadic colon cancer.

Familial Colon Cancer

In continuing to look at those 100 family medical histories, we would also probably find roughly 20 people who report that some family members had a history of colon cancer. However, the cases would not necessarily have occurred at an unusually early age, nor would they have necessarily been found on only one side of the family. These people are said to have familial colon cancer. They appear to be somewhat more likely to develop colon cancer than people with no family history of the disease.

The next site claims that colonoscopy before age 50 may not be necessary

Family history of the disease especially a first degree relative like mother/father/sibling is a known risk factor so you will definately need screening. I am not sure what the exact risk is, yo dont say how old your mother was at diagnosis, how old you are, or if you have any symptoms, but In the UK you are usually offered a colonsocopy, then you get another one at a varying interval depending on your risk factors, history or findings at the colonoscopy.. Check out the website http://www.cancerhelp.org.uk its very good, though the timescales may be different in the USA or other countries. You should go and discuss this with your family doctor and get an early referral to a gastroenterologist, then he can discuss any concerns with you and you can decide with him the best way forward. Hope this helps

Faith S
I'm sorry to hear about your mom. Some are hereditary, some are not. But the best way to stay healthy is to exercise even a simple jogging every other day is good. The goal is to keep your blood circulation in good health and it's important that you sweat/perspire at least every 2 days. If not you will have to unhealthy cell. And the most important thing is to never ever get STRESSED. When you have a problem, you have to believe that it can be solve. Stop thinking so much about it because once you get stressed , your cell gets confused and once that happens they get lost and forget their real function - thus the tumor cell.

I know that colon cancer is hereditary. I don't know what the chances are that you will get it. But my Dad had colon cancer, and my Aunt who is my Dad's sister has had polyps, which can turn into cancer in the colon. I go every 10 years for a colonoscopy, so far they have found nothing, but if they did I would go more often. I think you should start when your in your 50's, but I would consult with your physican.

Your mother having it does increase your chances, but with a healthy diet and life style, you can experience much better longevity. At age 50, they recommend getting a colonoscopy.

Hi there,

Sorry about your mom......my father died of the same thing only he lasted 10 years with it........he could have avoided it if he went to the doctor when symptoms started.
No matter what age you are you should call your doctor and tell him your medical history and find out if he suggests that you have one...........I know that most everyone of my siblings have been tested for colon cancer or polyps........ you should be checked since this kind of cancer is hereditary and also due to diet as well. If your doctor finds polyps he will recommend another colonoscopy in one year for your safety as polyps can become cancerous......once they find any polyps they remove themm right away but there is a good chance they come back....so that's why they suggest to wait a year for another colonoscopy. If you are free and clear the doctor will suggest every 5 years....not 10.
Any kind of red blood in your stools can be an indicator and aany kind of pain in your lower stomach where your colon is should be looked into.
Better to be safe and have one......don't know what age you should start checking this out though.
Good luck!

yes its a genetic thing. get your check ups and speak to the doctor about what age to begin a colonoscopy. ive heard it begins at 50, but i believe there are exceptions to this rule.(people with intestinal disease usually get this check up once a year. )

it won't just take care of yourself. stop eating sugar, everything that has to do with sugar. i am telling you.believe in me you have to at least go to the bathroom 3 times daily eat right. then your colon would be healthy then you won't have anything to worry about.

Angel Eve
Depends on her age when she was diagnosed, if it was before 40, then your chances of getting it are 7 times greater. If not, then it really will be up to fate. Do all you can, eat right, excersize, and drink alot of water. You can reduce your risk of colon cancer by drinking alot of water.... Research is unsure why other than they think that the water may help to flush out any remaining toxins from the food we eat. My mom died at 52 from breast cancer, she was 46 when diagnosed, So I know how you feel. Good luck to you!

It would depend on the type of cancer that your mom had. I had what is called famiel poyposis. It turned into active malignant cancer which it does 100% of the time. It is extremely hereditary and can even skip a generation. The good news is that it can now be detected through genetic tests. I have n ow had 18 surgeries since 1985, the last one being 7 weeks ago.

All I can tell you is to get tested for it regularly. I am still kicking around because we caught mine before it came through the colon wall. Good luck and I hope all goes well.

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