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andy s
My girl friend has breast cancer what are her chances of survival?
She was diagnosed early and had her breast removed. There was some spread to her lymph nodes under her arm, but further surgery of more nodes revealed no spread. The cancer stage was early, but the actual level of cancer was the highests and most aggressive. She is now about to finish her chemo after six sessions. Will she be fine? What is the best and worst case scenario? She is fearing the worst, is this bad for her?

she will b OK just b with her

Dr Frank
Averages are not going to be much help here, things do sound as if her staging is already against her. You need, with her permission, to discuss her individual prognosis with her personal doctors.

a good web site -you will find all you want to know

Diane T
The best thing for her to do is not look at what percent chance she has of not making it and look at the positive side of it. They are doing more and more for breast cancer now than they were when I had it 14 years ago. I do the race for the cure every year and when I first started out there was only 25 survivors out there. This last year we had over one thousand women and men who have survived breast cancer, that should tell you something about how far we have come. I know lots of women that were not given two months that are going strong after 10 years. It's a matter of will and a strong faith in God that got me this far. Your girl friend needs to stay positive and keep going.
One thing I can tell her take 800iu of vitamin E, and 200mg. of Selenium, and CoQ10 they will help with keeping the cancer from returning. I fully believe this. After all I am still here after 14 years.

Cristina I
ask her doctor.. he knows best

loopy loo
so sorry to hear this, caught early so very good chance, she can ask the people who are treating her any questions she wants, but would have thought she had all the information already, she wants reassurance, i have no experience of this, i do know of someone who had the aggressive kind, and sadly she never made it, but i am pretty sure she was diagnosed too late, all the best.

Talk to the doctor. He does know best. Your job is to be there to support her in absolutely every way you possibly can. And I can't imagine that her having negative thoughts about her chances is healthy. Try to encourage her, brighten her days. You sound like a great friend - keep it up. I'll pray for your friend.

Soup Dragon
I think that this is the question you should be asking her consultant and doctor. You and she need to remain positive and you need to keep her spirits up. No-one on here can predict an outcome. But I wish her and you all the best for future life. Get out there and live each day as if it was the last No-one knows how long we're here for but it's up to us how we live it. Hope this helps and have a nice evening.

the earlier it is detected the more chance of survival, but u need to speak to her consultant to find out the prognosis in her particular case. it is natural to fear the worst. i had breast cancer 15 yrs ago and also had a mastectomy i had an in situ carcinoma which meant it hadnt spread so i didnt need any further treatment after the surgery but it was a high grade. im still here 15 years on so there is hope. good luck

Only the oncologist knows the answer to this question, no one on here has seen her MRI's or X-Rays.

Just keep doing what your doing and be her best friend, no matter what, even is she gets sick, be there, so she knows someone cares.

Good Luck!

joe j
With positive nodes my guess is that she will have radiation therapy next.The radiation usually does not begin until after the chemo with breast cancer.This will help her overall prognosis.No one can say for sure what the future holds but,find a Oncologist you trust and listen to his or her advice.Tell her to remain positive and seek out a support group.Good luck.

I have 3 friends who have all survived breast cancer and had fit & healthy lives post cancer.I'd say your girlfriend stands a great chance of pulling through this and needs to think positively since this can influence her condition.Good luck to you both.x

Not t
i'm not sure about what her chances are survival are, but if it was caught early then they are probably the best chances she could have.

Yes, fearing the worst is bad for her because she will not fight the cancer physcologically as well as she would if she was positive.

I've known three people who have had cancer, one of them being my father, and one of our close friends also had breast cancer. She's fine now. My dad's had cancer twice, and he is also fine.

Don't worry! I wish all the best to you and your girlfriend. xxx

If I could answer your question - well I'd play the stock market and be a rich woman.

If she's feeling well after the chemo - that's good. The best case scenario is that she has mammograms on her remaining breast, lives a good long time and dies from something else. The worst case scenario is she has a quick recurrence and it spreads to her bones and brain leading to a painful death.

The even worse case is that whatever happens - best or worse - you both spend so much time fretting about it that you don't enjoy the present.

i know 2 people that have lived,that had this.and im sure there is hundreds more.dont give up..Il be praying for you and her.God can heal.be there for her.

Laughing Lara
My mum had a very very aggressive type that had spread to some of her lymph nodes. She had them removed from under one arm as well as a mastectomy. That was 17 years ago. She has just been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer and is 74 years old but for the past 17 years has been totally and utterly healthy. She also had total faith in her consultant at the time and has retained a positive outlook throughout. I wish your girlfriend a long and happy life...

As a survivor, I can only say that worst case scenario in her head is good. Cos any thing over and above that is a bonus.
I walked around like that til my treatment was over. Now I have a different take - - - I am only going to live this life once. Now i grab it by the spherical objects and enjoy.
Try not to think about what might not be and enjoy what you have whilst you have it - - don't waste it, or the energy worrying about losing it. You could be losing valuable "being and doing" time. Hugs for you both.

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