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Is radiation for cancer harmful to other?

Marcus O
It goes down from generations. The children of the exposed person will have partial affects to the radiation....At least I think so. Thats waht my teacher told me

I am not sure if radiation used to treat cancer cells is harmful, but, I am pretty sure that it could have some kind of effect on others, just not sure what the effects are. I do know that if you or someone in your family has what's called a PET scan, the patient is injected with radiation and glucose (sugar water) so that the radiation surrounds any cancer cells in the body (cancer cells thrive on sugar). My mother recently had PET scan and while @ the doctor she went to the restroom. While she was in there, they put a sign on the door that said "RADIOACTIVE" and had to clean the bathroom when she was done. She also was not allowed to kiss my childeren and they were not allowed to drink after her for about 24 hours. They did say that it affects adults differently and did not give her any precautions to follows for adults. I know this probably doesn't answer your question excatly, but it's just info you might need to know since I'm sure you or someone in your family was diagnosed recently. I hope this helps you.

Medo Moussa
It is not that harmful.

Anyway, everything in life has usefulness and harmfulness; advantages and disadvantages, etc.

So, just pray, and do the radiation. :)

no is not harmful for others un les you are in the same room of the rediation

David B

I'm certain that it can be. I'm not certain to what degree though. And I say it can because when my 2 year old daughter was severely sick and they couldn't pinpoint her illness... SEVERAL doctors asked me if she had been around anyone undergoing chemo therapy. That to me proves that there is potential for some harm to others. However, I do think it is rare but possible. I hope all is well with you and your loved ones! Have a blessed day!

Thin Kaboudit
"Radiation" is just energy. Yes, it can be harmful, but when it is being used to treat cancer it is SUPPOSED to be harmful to the targeted cancer cells!

Life is not a "zero-sum" game: chlorine in the drinking water is probably harmful to some extent, and may even cause cancer eventually, but if the water wasn't treated we'd all die of cholera & typhoid at age 3 instead of having an increased risk of cancer at age 60!

Other people are not there during the radiation treatment, so it's not harmful to them. It's to shrink the cancer and make you well. But, there is no reason to be exposed to it unless it's for a treatment. Does this answer your question?

Mark D
First off, you would have to define what you mean by "other" (a husband/wife in the same living room with you after you return home from a treatment vs. offspring yet to be conceived...) I work in radiation oncology (cancer treatment with radiation) and I can assure you that external beam radiation therapy is not harmful to another individual, as they are not present with the patient at the time of treatment. The radiation is turned on much like a light bulb, and when the daily treatment is done, the radiation is shut off as in a light bulb. There is no residual radiation (i.e. you are not glowing when you drive home), for there to be ill effects for a non-treated individual. The only occassion that prescribed radiation treatments can affect others is through what is called "brachytherapy" or "implant therapy" like prostate seeding. There are certain recommendations for those particular treatments and for those who are caring for individuals undergoing such therapy. The bottom line is radiation is extremely safe in a therapeutic setting and so should not be confused with what we read or see in movies when they speak of radiation "leaks", "dirty bombs", accidents like Chernobyl, etc. It is a truly a marvel of modern science, and a great benefit to many millions of cancer patients each year!!

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