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Is it normal to not lose your hair from chemo?
I was just wondering because I hadn't heard about anyone who didn't lose their hair from it except my dad. His hair looked a little thinner but you could barely tell, he basically had a full head of hair and was almost 60, even after chemotherapy from kidney cancer.
Additional Details
True, his hair was grey before but definitely looked lighter

No..chemo causes hairloss.

if you have chemo therapy. yes you will loose your hair from it. no way not to loose it the ration dose is strong

Kaley <3
My cousin had chemo and he only lost hair on a section of his head.

it basically depends on the type of chemo that he will receive and the grade of cancer that he has. depending also on the stage that he is in. some people lose hair, some dont. i lost all my hair and it came back full and fluffy. but now its thinning out.

John R
The human body is the exception that makes the rule, it always does something to cause doctors to rethink what they do to cure people. Things happen that confound them all the time.

The Jonas Brothers Rule!!!!!
it all depends on the strength of the chemo and the type of chemo. if u have a type of chemo that makes ur hair fall out, then yes it is normal. But even if u have the type of chemo that doesnt make ur hair fall out, it could still be normal, its all about how ur body reacts to the chemo.

Katherine B
The drugs that are used in chemotherapy for kidney cancer don't typically have hair loss as a side effect. Of course it depends on the details of the cancer what regimen he was on. Hope your Dad is doing well.

No, I never lost it. My hair did go thinner, but as I had really thick hair and loads of it, it was noticable, only to me, and those close to me. I had 6 months of chemo.

Yes, it's possible. Some people are lucky :)

There are many different types of chemotherapy, some of which never cause hair loss, others almost always cause hair loss. Most of the drugs which we use for kidney cancer aren't bad about hair loss.

There are different types of chemotherapy drugs . . some cause hair loss and some do not . . also sometimes the dosages or length of time the drugs are taken will affect whether hair is lost or not.

If your father has kidney cancer he is probably taking one of the targeted therapy drugs . .either sorafenib tosylate (Nexavar) or sunitinib malate (Sutent). Both these chemotherapies affect proteins found in the tumor and do not always cause hair loss . . although the hair may thin . . or the hair may lose pigmentation and turn white.

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