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 Why won't the pharmaceutical companies promote the cure for cancer that has been found in DCA?
Look it up. http://www.dca-dichloroa...

 Sometimes my breasts hurts, is that a sign for cancer??
I mean what are the signs for having breasts cancer??...

 Why do they say ''He or She LOST their fight with Cancer''?
How could they say they lost the fight with cancer. Some cancers you can't control and they're almost impossible to beat yet they say ' they lost their fight with cancer' as if ...

 Hair falling down is this cancer?
well my friends hair is falling down and she wants to know if its cancer?...

 Which are the only animals who don't get cancer?

Additional Details
there are 3...

 Does she have skin cancer?
my mom has something on her foot that kinda looks like a large pimple. she has had this for a few months but it was very small. now it is 4 times that size. she will go to the doctor soon probley. ...

 How the hell can Coca Cola cause Cancer?
How the hell can a soft drink cause Cancer?...

 Wooden cutting board may cause cancer?
I heard from my friend that using wooden board for cutting vegetable may cause cancer as small wooden pieces comes out and they are not digested. Is it true?...

 Breast cancer? please genuine answers only.Any other answers will be reported instantly.?
my mum has D.C.I.S,an early form of breast cancer,she is in hospital at the moment,she had a lumpectomy yesterday morning,she seemed fine in herself when we visited,she had a drain wound fitted,which ...

 How can a woman who has smoked since age 16 (she's 74 now and still puffin a pack a day) not have cancer?
or other issues? My mother in law has smoked since she was 16 and she is 74 and smokes almost 2 packs a day. I know cause we buy them for her daily. (not with our money, she too feable to go in the ...

 Suggestions of a great gift basket? its for my y grandpa who is on kemo for prostate cancer...?
My grandpa is on kemo for prostate cancer. He's not nauseous and still has his appetite, but is diabetic- so sending sweets is out. He is so weak and tired- I live in NY and he's in Idaho- I...

 My dad just had a colonoscopy, found out he has a tumor..?
I am the daughter.. and am very worried.. My dad will find out next week if its cancerous..either way will have surgery.. The doctor who would perform the surgery has a bad rating on that medical ...

 What age did you start getting mammograms?
My mom was diagnosed with stage IV at the age of 60 (she died over a week ago at the age of 64) and I was wondering if I should get a mammogram. I am in my early thirties, so I don't even know ...

 How long did your loved one live after they found out they had breast cancer?
my mom recently passed away from it. Was just curious....

 I have stage 3 colon cancer and want to know how many years will I live after chemo?

 My mom has lung &liver cancer 3 YRS no bowl movement for3 weeks alot of pain what can be done lots of laxative

 My dog has leucemia and some cancer?Isthere anything that ican do the doctors say she will only last for only?

Additional Details
a couple of weeks!!...

 What to do and eat to prevent cancer?

 Has anybody had a bone scan,wot is involved please?

 Please help! 4 yr old nephew has the following symtoms..?
My nephew has lost alot of weight, eyes are sunk in, will not eat hardly at all. My neice took him to the doctor and the urine test showed an abnormally high wbc in his urine. He is thirsty and will ...

Is cancer infectious desease?

gary h
It can be. HPV virus causes 60% of all cervical cancer in women.

Wow four thumbs down, and that's for the only correct answer posted here, except for Terra's.

if your father or mother gets it, you have a chance getting it, then when you marry check carefully that you or your girl does not

only cervical cancer but most are purely hereditary and unhealthy lifestyle.

lucky for you...it is not...
it is, however hereditary, meaning if your family has incidents of it...you could be in line for it too, in some form.
Family history means a lot...and too much sun does too....sounds like you've been there already.

No, it is not. Both my parents passed away due to cancer, and I was in close contact with them, as were most of the family......TERRA the "nurse"....Cancer is not "mostly hereditary." Nor is it because of "unhealthy life styles, etc". Does your reasoning also apply to young children who are victims of cancer? You obviously know nothing about cancer, or nursing. Or did you mean you're a nurse at a vets surgery? Even so, it's scary to think any sort of living creature is in your care

no,..not infectious

Just Me

Not aat all. But it can be hereditary. If your grandparents or parents have cancer, it might a higher a risk of getting cancer too. But you cannot get cancer by spending time or sharing food with a cancer patient.

No, it is NOT.

No...if it was we would all have it. What's that saying "cancer is a word not a desease"

infectious deseases happen by microb , viruses and some bacteria but cancer : In general, cancer appears to be caused by abnormal regulation of cell division. Cancers can occur when cells divide too rapidly or when cells “forget” how to die. Cancer involves the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells that have mutated from normal tissues. This growth can kill when these cells prevent normal function of vital organs or spread throughout the body, damaging essential systems. there fore it cant infectious.

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