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 How do i know if i have cancer? I'm younger but i don't know if i have or not.?

 HELP. what is my problem?
i am 31 year old married woman. normally healthy. for the last 2 months, been having strange symptoms. swollen nodes in neck and one in armpit, they kinda hurt at times. kinda dizzy, like spaced out ...

 I just found out that my 28 year old daughter has cervical cancer?
It's just started and it's slow growing..but she has to go to a specialist to have the cells burned away. Then hopefully with check ups often she'll be ok..has anyone gone through this ...

 What is the life expectancy..................
of a 70 year old smoker (smoking since he was 9 years old) that has had 2 skin surgeries from melenoma. (cancer of the skin) and has thought that he has had it for 5 1/2 years? He is still up and ...

 Is it true about Patrick Swayze having cancer and dying? And Jeff Healey died?

 What could this be?
I found a hard round lump right by my right ear, below it actually and its next to my neck. Its round and hard- and the doc said he is doing a cat scan on it this week. Anyone know what it could be? A...

 My girlfriend broke up with me because she has cancer. How do I get closer to her w/out pushing her away?
I've broken up with my girlfriend because she is sick. At first she didn't know what she had. Her doctors didn't know if it was a tumor or that she has lung cancer until she gets ...

 I have recently taken up smoking again?
and it must be stopped. So smokers/ former smokers tell me why I am an ...

 Is a mole that changed from brown/black to a white flaky hard dangerous?

 What happens after biopsy? if it shows that it is cancer does the gyno do more biopsies or what?

Additional Details
i am asking because when i made my open to get the results for the biopsie the lady asked if i would be on my period.(as if i was going to be examined again.)...

 Anyone have throat canser?? If so what are you symptoms?

 Pls... i need info on Cancer urgently.. provide link if possible..?

 Can people who can easily tan under the sun, can still get skin cancer?

 Liver biopsy?
hi do u need to fast 4 a liver biopsy??? what is it??...

 Does anyone know why I have this bad feeling in my brain?
When ever I put a straight thought in my brain and am happy, there is a pressure that comes to my brain and makes me feel sad and weak does anyone know why this happens, could it be because of a ...

 Is Breast Cancer is heriditary? From what stage of the family?

 Could i have a brain Tumor?
recently my mother said that she thought my right eye was starting to have a cross eyd look because it seemed to be moving closer to the left. She is the only one that has noticed this because ...

 Whay would you do if you found out you had a Brain Tumor? Serious replies please?

Additional Details

 Name one thing thats wrong with legalizing marijuana for medical use, like for end stage cancers, etc.?

Additional Details
If it helps people live a better quality of life for a few weeks/months, who are the rest of us to condemn this action? when we are living healthy lives and don'...

 Can someone tell me the symptoms of pancreatic cancer?

Is brain tumor contagious?
Are brain tumors contagious? For example, if a person has it, and coughs and sneezes without covering their mouths, would it be contagious for other people??

I have read that brain tumors are not contagious, but I do question how much research has gone into that to really define whether or not it is.. Since, the cause of it is still unknown.

It's A Girl ♥
No, it's not. It can spread to other places in your body, but that's only if YOU have it. You can't catch it from anyone.

No! Tumors aren't contagious. If someone sneezes on you, there could be a LOT of other bad stuff you could catch, and a cancerous won't be one of them.

Tumors are cancerous growths. Cancer has many causes, but it's not contagious. Carcinogens, genetic mutations, the list goes on!

NO, no form of cancer is contagious. We don't know the exact cause of cancer but we can be darn sure that it isn't contagious since if it were, a heck of a lot more people, especially nurses and doctors, would have it.

sambangs here, whos runnin hell?
no its not. only bacterial are contagious. maybe viral
but tumors arent

connie l
definitely not contagious

CANCER IS NOT CONTAGIOUS ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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